18-Year-Old Isabelle Correia G. de Souza Passes Away One Month After Receiving Pfizer COVID-19 Booster

18-year-old Isabelle Correia G. de Souza tragically passed away shortly after taking the third dose of the experimental Pfizer COVID-19 injection.

She received the third dose on 01/25/2022 and started feeling ill on 02/02/2022, according to her mother.

Isabelle started feeling tingling in her tongue and, at nightfall, pain and tingling in her legs.

The overwhelming pain eventually spread throughout her body.

After rushing to Unimed Hospital, the doctor who examined Isabelle said it was anxiety. Isabelle was medicated with an injection for the pain, but it wouldn’t go away.


She received a prescription to take home to treat the pain, hoping it would subside.


But the pain continued, the shift doctor reaffirmed it to be anxiety, prescribed drops and recommended that she think about good things. The pain persisted, he said it could be a spinal problem.

As there was no orthopedist, he asked that we resumed on 02/04/2022. So we did, but the ortho pediatrician didn’t even examine her and went back to talking about anxiety. I begged for an exam, he replied that the exam would give nothing, because she had anxiety.

So, he ended up referring us to the General Physician, who also diagnosed anxiety and also stated that, as long as my daughter did not get it into her head that the pain would go away, the pain would not go away.

Even though we were both crying, in the office, that she had been suffering from pain for 3 days, he said that the pain was in her head.  Again I begged for tests and grudgingly he asked for a blood and urine test, and prescribed medication for pain in the serum, and left her on the stretcher waiting for a long time.

From the waist down, she was already paralyzed. There was a change in the shift, and the new doctor released us to go home because the exams were normal. I said I couldn’t, as she had lost her wits. He replied that if I wanted to, she would be hospitalized, but she would only be medicated with the arrival of the neurologist, only the next day, and so it happened.

When the day dawned on 02/05/2022, a doctor came in and examined my daughter. She had already gotten worse, she couldn’t move her hands, arms and couldn’t even sit up anymore. She was short of breath, couldn’t eat, weak voice, blurry eyes and complaining that she was seeing double.

This doctor said she had a reaction to the vaccine and asked for tests to confirm a diagnosis of Guillain-Barré syndrome.
She was taken to the ICU and intubated. There, she stayed 17 days, and died on 02/21/2022.

It was inhumane what they did to her! They didn’t believe in her pain and allowed the disease to advance. She only got worse, she even had a tracheostomy, started to have a fever and couldn’t resist.

She suffered two cardiac arrests and died. My daughter had been off her depression medication for four months. She had only mild asthma and hyperthyroidism and never had any heart problems!

Isabelle’s cause of death was listed as “refractory septic shock, acute polyradiculoneuropathy, asthma, hypothyroidism and depression.”

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  1. …but, but, but the television says they’re safe and effective. Why is MSM still pushing emergency use only experimental drugs after the state of emergency has been lifted?

      1. This was in Brazil. Sadly they are cut off from most of the English language alternative media. There are probably a million stories Exactly like this which we will never hear a word about.

  2. They are purposefully not keeping an accurate account of vax injuries and deaths.

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