5 Times Campus Leftists Mocked Christianity in 2022

This year, numerous students and faculty made a mockery of the Christian faith. Below are this year’s top 5 instances of leftists’ disrespect for Christianity. 

1. Musical at Harvard portrays Judas as a gay individual who falls in love with Jesus

Harvard University put on a musical entitled Iscariot, in which Judas falls in love with Jesus.

One cast member said “The message of the show is not that religion sucks, or that God isn’t real, or Jesus isn’t real. We’re not saying any of that. It is merely just a retelling of a work of literary merit.”

The retelling reimagines Judas Iscariot as a queer Asian American high school senior who falls in love with Jesus, betrays him, and learns to take control of his own narrative.


The play premiered on Dec. 1.

2. Drag performance at Dartmouth includes topless ‘nun’

Dartmouth College hosted a drag and burlesque show on campus on Nov. 10 featuring a performer dressed as a topless ‘nun.’

The dancer stripped, removing her robe to reveal “tights with crosses on them and pasties covering their nipples.”

The performance concluded with the drag performer twirling around a rosary and genuflecting on stage. 

3. Stanford band mocks Christians during halftime show

Stanford University’s band mocked BYU students’ Christain faith by performing a mock wedding ceremony between two women during its Nov. 26 halftime show.

The two “brides” kissed on the football field, reciting Genesis 1:28, telling the women to be fruitful and multiply. 

4. Christ is transgender, dean claims

Joshua Heath at Trinity College told students during a Nov. 26 sermon that Christ takes on a transgender body in historical artwork, appearing both masculine and feminine in different paintings. 

Students shouted “heresy” and were in tears after hearing such blasphemy at their college.

5. God is a ‘drag queen,’ ‘trans man,’ ‘gender fluid’ according to Pride Worship Service

Duke University’s Divinity School held a Pride Worship Service on Mar. 22 in which they said God is “mother, father, and parent” and a “drag queen, and transman, and gender-fluid.”

One student criticized the church for “proclaiming that people can ‘discover our own queer God.’”

Students at the event prayed to “the Great Queer One.”


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