55,736 Undocumented Migrants Encountered at US-Canada Border Since October, Up 133% From FY '22

(CNSNews.com) – As illegal immigration breaks records at the nation’s southern border, the numbers are escalating at the U.S. northern border as well.

Customs and Border Protection agents encountered 13,137 undocumented foreigners at the northern border this past January alone – deep winter, by the way – compared with only 2,600 at the northern border in January 2021, the month Joe Biden became president; and just a fraction of the 157,264 aliens encountered at the southern border this past January.

In the first four months of Fiscal Year 2023, which started in October, Border Patrol agents count 55,736 encounters of illegal aliens at the northern border, up 133 percent from the 23,925 encountered in the first four months of Fiscal Year 2022.

CBP reports another 874,449 encounters at the southern border in that same October-January time period.

The charts below show the escalating numbers of undocumented border-crossers, at both the northern and southern land borders:


The Swanton sector in Vermont is particularly hard-hit, with 1,513 encounters so far in FY ’23, or 845 percent ahead of the 160 encounters in the same period last year.

New Hampshire’s Republican Gov. Chris Sununu wants the Homeland Security Department to let local law enforcement do the job the feds are not doing:

“We just want to help,” Sununu told Fox News’s Jesse Waters on Monday. “We want to be there. We want — whether it’s returning the grant program, the Operation Stone Garden program.

“I’m asking Secretary Mayorkas for an ICE delegation agreement, which basically says, look, we don’t want your money, just let us help you do the job on the border. Empower my state police and my sheriffs to make it happen.”

Operation Stone Garden is a DHS program that provides grants to local, state and tribal law enforcement to cooperate and coordinate with Customs and Border Protection on border security.

Sununu said Canada has international agreements with four or five countries, including El Salvador, allowing “easy access” to migrants, who view the northern border are more “wide open” than the southern border, where new restrictions are in place for migrants from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Haiti.

“But they are just finding other routes,” Sununu said:

“And when you have one of the largest non-protected borders in the world between Canada and the United States, that’s a huge opportunity for them to come across.”

Sununu said he was in Washington this past weekend, where he saw Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas:

“And I said, look, you rejected me once. I’m sending you a letter. I need your help. Now he said he was willing to help. I’m going to take him at his word and hold his feet to the fire and make sure these guys are held accountable. Washington needs to empower the states to do the job that they’re not willing to do.”

According to the Council on Foreign Relations, Canada is known for its relative openness to asylum seekers. Undocumented migrants can make an asylum claim at any border crossing or airport, as well as certain government offices inside Canada.

“In 2021, more than 1,500 asylum seekers entered the country without authorization, which does not lead to criminal prosecution once they claim asylum,” the Council reported. “That number jumped to nearly thirteen thousand in the first nine months of 2022 as conditions in many migrants’ home countries worsened.”


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