62% of Voters Say Fake News is a ‘Very Serious Problem’ – and that Media Bias Is Getting Worse, Rasmussen Reveals

Four out of five U.S. likely voters say fake news is a serious problem, and only one in ten expect it to get any better, a new national survey by Rasmussen Reports reveals.

Fully 82% of voters say “fake news” in the media is at least a “somewhat serious” problem – including 62% who deem it a “very serious” problem – Rasmussen’s survey of 1,000 U.S. likely voters, conducted August 21-22, finds.

Strong majorities of Republicans (90%), Democrats (78%) and Independents (78%) all call fake news a serious problem, as do members of every demographic group (race, age, income, etc.).

When it comes to politics, only one in three (32%) U.S. voters say they trust the news they’re getting, while a majority (52%) say they don’t. Another 16% aren’t sure.

The only demographic groups where a majority of voters trust the media’s political news are Democrats (55%) and self-described “Liberals” (56%).


What’s more, voters say the outlook for fair and balance news is bleak.

Six times as many voters (62%) say the problem of media bias is getting worse (62%) as think it’s getting better (10%). About one in four (26%) don’t see much change.

Again, majorities of every demographic group, except Democrats and liberals, say media bias is getting worse. More than two-thirds (68%) of Independents think the media are becoming more biased.

Even a third (35%) of those who do trust the political news they’re getting think media bias is increasing.


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