A Stunning New Report Reveals CIA Is Secretly Collecting Sensitive Data on Americans

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According to the Associated Press, a heavily redacted letter was sent by Democratic Sens. Ron Wyden of Oregon and Martin Heinrich of New Mexico to the CIA. They asked for details of a secretive program collecting data on all Americans.

Large parts of the letter, which was sent in April 2021 and declassified Thursday, and documents released by the CIA, were blacked out. Wyden and Heinrich said the program operated “outside the statutory framework that Congress and the public believe govern this collection.”

The CIA on Friday said the program highlighted by the senators and another disclosed this week are “repositories of information about the activities of foreign governments and foreign nationals.” In a statement, the agency said the programs were classified to stop adversaries from compromising them.

The agency also said it kept members of congressional oversight committees “fully and currently informed of its classified activities related to these two programs.”


That isn’t true since they don’t know about it.

“In the course of any lawful collection, CIA may incidentally acquire information about Americans who are in contact with foreign nationals,” the agency statement said. “When the CIA acquires information about Americans, it safeguards that information in accordance with procedures approved


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