Alberta pastor gets 60-day sentence for refusing to comply with Covid restrictions

Calgary pastor Artur Pawlowski won’t be spending any more time in jail even though he received a 60-day sentence Monday.

A judge gave the minister 60 days but decided to give Pawlowski credit for time already served. Pawlowski was charged and convicted for mischief and breaching a release after he preached to Freedom Convoy truckers at the Coutts border blockade in February 2022.

Pawlowski told The Post Millennial in July that he endured considerable hardship during his incarceration.

“I was interrogated by RCMP for hours, then taken to prison stripped naked, taken to solitary confinement. The next day, I was placed in metal cages, believe it or not. And then I was taken from one solitary cell with the bed to another one on concrete, no washroom, and no water. And that was going on for 45 days,” he told TPM.

Pawlowski also alleged that he was “denied access” to his lawyers before being sent to a maximum security facility in Edmonton “in a place for the most dangerous terrorists.”


Calgary Police Service (CPS) arrested Pawlowksi on five occasions as he persisted in preaching to the truckers in defiance of a court order. He once delivered a sermon in the middle of a highway.

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