Are the Days of 'Woke', Inefficient Prosecutors Coming to an End?

Former Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby was one of the early stars among “woke” prosecutors before it became a strategy of George Soros. Now, she is facing her own legal worries against a prosecutor who isn’t as bad at his job as she was.

Mosby served two terms as the Baltimore City State’s Attorney and became a national figure when she attempted to prosecute city police officers in the 2015 death of Freddie Gray. Gray was a Black man who died in police custody. His death set off riots in the city.

“Marilyn Mosby spoke so forcefully when she announced the charges against the officers that defense attorneys argued she should recuse herself for bias,” Fox News reported.

Despite her vehemence, none of the six officers were convicted. Three officers were acquitted and three had the charges dropped against them.

During her terms, Mosby and her office stopped prosecuting quality-of-life crimes like drug possession and prostitution at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. It was a controversial decision because people said she was more concerned about the health of criminals than the safety of citizens. 


Mosby lost her reelection bid last year in the Democratic primary after she was charged in federal court. 

One of her Democrat challengers Thiru Vignarajah called Mosby a prosecutor who didn’t prosecute criminals. “The real crime is that she’s turned our whole city into a crime scene,” he said.

Then things fell apart for her. Last year, a grand jury indicted her for perjury and making false statements on a loan application to purchase vacation homes. Mosby also allegedly failed to disclose past unpaid federal taxes on the mortgage applications, the accusations state. 

She pleaded not guilty to all charges and even ran for re-election while under indictment. 

She lost her election, but her case has still not gone to court because it continues to run into problems and delays.

The most interesting of these is that her entire defense team quit recently. Her lead attorney quit because he is facing contempt charges over things he said in U.S. District Court during the case.

“Bolden was scolded by the judge for accusing prosecutors of harboring racial animus, using profanity in an interview outside the Baltimore courthouse, and disclosing confidential responses from jurors in court filings,” Fox News reported.

It is not known why the other attorneys quit, but she now has a public defender in charge of her case. Could it be they didn’t have faith in her case or trust her? It is certainly bad optics.

The trial is expected to take place in November, and if she is convicted, Mosby could serve five years in prison for perjury and up to 30 years in prison for making false mortgage applications. 

Maybe Mosby shouldn’t worry too much. Even if she does go to prison, she did her best during her time in office to release all the most dangerous criminals onto the streets of Baltimore. The safest place to be in the city may be in prison.


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