Arizona Senate Finds 200,000 Uncounted Ballots

Not only are we unsurprised by this recent finding, but we also called it…

The more time goes on the more all those ‘right-wing conspiracy’ theories prove themselves to be true—time is after all the friend of the honest, and the downfall of the charlatan.

Democrats likely cheated in the 2020 elections, and the most recent reports just add more weight to the mountain of evidence piling up…

According to sources, over 200,000 votes were ‘uncounted’ or had other serious issues as per newly released findings of the Arizona State Senate.

Will we eventually see a complete decertification of the results followed by treason trials?


It is my sincerest wish that this is what becomes of all these reports, but one can only hope:

According to Just The News:

In the signature verification study, three expert forensic document examiners and three novices reviewed 499 images of early voting mail ballot envelopes to determine if the signatures on them matched with the signatures on file. All the reviewers agreed that 60 of the 499 envelopes, or 12% were signature mismatches.

The pilot study extrapolated from the sample that more than 204,430 ballots should have been cured, and 5,277 should have been rejected.

In response to this, the Arizona State Senate has advanced this bill as reported by Fox 10 Phoenix:

Republican state senators on Monday advanced legislation that would require every ballot cast in Arizona’s elections to be counted by hand, with GOP proponents who embraced former President Donald Trump’s false narrative of massive voter fraud calling it a needed reform.


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  1. “”Arizona Senate Finds 200,000 Uncounted Ballots””

    wow really. didn’t Az recount their ballots 3 or 4 times already?

    1. Get real. Trump lost the election by a large margin. Try getting your information from unbiased, fact-based sources.

      1. Moot point who won. The election was a fraud. Nobody consented to a fraud.

  2. Yeah well who gives a rats butt? Uncover the whole mess and still NOTHING WILL BE DONE. Get it now???

  3. The key word is “extrapolated”… 6 people, of whom half were described as “novices”, found 12% mismatched signatures when looking at photographic images, not real ballots in hand, and decided they had signatures that didn’t match…Then someone extrapolated it to an irrational figure to create doubt and outrage. This is not the stuff of such grandiose sensationalized headlines as presented here. Put on your Critical Thinking caps folks!

    1. moot point. The election is fraud. No Consent. everything you do going forward must be LIES, TRICKS or FORCE you can’t say America has freedom and everbody consents when it simply isn’t true.

  4. in California we had DOMINION SOFTWARE SYSTEMS Democracy Suite V5.5, Scorecard/Hammer, Ballot Harvesting, MAIL-IN.

    Even though, no consent to these electronic tabulators since the days of HAVA ACT.
    They showed *.* ALL electionic vote tabulation devices they can be exploited, the electronic registrar of voter poll boox data too, we said the are doing it but our claim is ignored. Thus here we are again broken chains of custody at level after level all neatly wrapped by Smith Mundt Modernization Act fake news, courts, cops, medical, and military. State Department or the US Military did the background checks on Biden–how did they get a pass granted and then get on the ballot? I say there is a source of Treason.

    The courts are taking too long, slap seal, delay, delay delay dismiss because they are captured by Smith Mundt, Patriot Act, COG (Continuity of Government.)

    Most of these agencies shouldn’t exist. Anyway back to Ballots.
    We had Beccera for our SOS (secretary of state) and that dude is said to be with the Mexican Cartels, but anyway by his actions you can see he left border open, and made sanctuary cities. What we got is a Full on Treason by hand full of these WEF globalists with their gun control, antifa radicalize kids in 180 days by schools, antifa lit fires in your state too– not just cali they lit hundreds of fires in your state!!! then this covid gave them cover to rig counting votes, and switch to Eric Yuan/Lee ho CEFC/CCP xoom meetings for courts, schools, government consolidated proxy voting, forced masks, in California they Want to kill the Brown Act (where public has oversight of all meetings if in Cali, you really should write to them about this now. CC: to your sheriff. )
    It seems like the Sheriff is what is needed at this point. The courts and everything else has failed. I barely scratch what I know about all this and I am just a Native Californian. (family been here 100+ years)

    1. OH yeah and I forgot in the first line there about Cali’s elections, no ID needed to vote in the 2020. I mean literally you could mask up and go vote like a road agent in the zorro movie.

  5. I am grateful if this bit of news is the straw for the camel’s back finally.

  6. If the American public was not so eager to push that corpse into the paper white house, all these globalist wet dreams would not be occurring.

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