ASU President Michael Crow smears TPUSA after leftist professor assaults reporter on camera

Arizona State University President Michael Crow has come out in defense of ASU writing professor, author and drag queen story hour advocate David Boyles after he allegedly assaulted a Turning Point USA Frontline cameraman when a reporter from the organization had asked him questions about his “sex education obsession.” 

As was highlighted by TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk, Crow went to work over the weekend to blast out an email in which he condemned the organization for the interaction, with The Guardian describing it as an “attack on Boyles,” despite the fact that Boyles had initiated the physical altercation. Surveillance footage of the incident makes this very clear.

“Cowards that they are, and so confident in the legality and appropriateness of their actions, the Turning Point USA ‘reporter’ and ‘cameraman’ then ran away from the scene before police arrived,” Crow reportedly wrote. “This is the kind of outrageous conduct that you would expect to see from bullies in a high-school cafeteria.”

Past comments from Boyles, who is on the TPUSA professor watch list, include, “Sex education is a topic I’ve been obsessed with for a while,” as well as remarks that the topic has “been traditionally racist since black people and immigrants were typically viewed as being sexually promiscuous and aggressive and sex education was designed to keep good white kids from being ‘infected’ by them.”

In footage captured by TPUSA, Boyles can be seen making a lunge for the cameraman after a series of questions. 


“So let me ask you, when did you decide to get obsessed with sex education?” asked Frontlines reporter Kalen D’Almeida.

“So,” D’Almeida said at another moment, walking beside Boyles, “if I ask you how long you’ve been attracted to minors? How long you’ve fantasized about minors having sex with adults and why you write about it in children’s books? What are you gonna tell me? Nothing?”

“What are you gonna do?” he asked. “David, you can’t run. It’s best if you just talk to me about why you want to push sodomy onto young people? That’s the best thing to do is just have a conversation. You said that, right? ‘I’m obsessed with sex education.’ You said that? Yes or no. No? Huh? Why do you feel like children need to be exposed to drag? Why is that something that children should be exposed to and why do you feel that drag queens benefit from children being present at drag shows where they shake their genitals and their fake breasts?”

Boyles attacked the cameraman after D’Almeida said, “you would like to see a different America exist where little boys are sodomized by people like you, right?” 

In a statement to RedState, Turning Point USA spokesperson Andrew Kolvet said, “What’s astounding is for President Crow to so brazenly misrepresent what’s crystal clear in the video.”

“Professor Boyles is the one who turned this interaction violent. He lunged and hit our camera man. Our reporter moved to protect his crew member who was getting attacked. They then asked him if he was okay, and if he needed any assistance before leaving. Mr. Boyles and President Crow are shamefully attempting to use Mr. Boyles’s sexual orientation to play victim and skip over the fact that he was the one who attacked our crew. Self defense is not hate.”

“President Crow should be ashamed of lying to the ASU community in an official university email when a simple review of the video contradicts his every word.”

Crow, as well as ASU, was put on blast over the incident by the Arizona Freedom Caucus in a post on Tuesday. 

The group wrote that under the rule of Crow, ASU stands with Hamas terrorists, defends the sexualization of young children, tramples on free speech rights, and institutionalizes racism.

“Taxpayers should not be forced to fund this trash,” declared the Caucaus. “Time to cut ASU off.”

In the recent past, Crow notably sent a letter requesting for Turning Point USA to remove ASU professors from its watchlist, and stressed that should it not happen, he would like to be on there himself. 

“I just was like, ‘Forget it; this is so stupid,'” Kirk had said of Crow’s letter on his Sept. 8 podcast, according to The Arizona Republic. “Obviously, all of the professors were going and complaining to him.”

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