Ben Shapiro: ‘Dems Believe All Norms and Niceties Are Completely Irrelevant When People Don't Give Them What They Want’

Despite their claims that they’re being threatened by conservatives, Democrats are actually the ones who suspend all social niceties when they don’t get their way, Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro said Monday, commenting on Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg’s defense of the protestors who recently harassed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at a restaurant.

On Sunday, Buttigieg used an appearance on Fox News to justify the protestors who drove Kavanaugh from a Morton’s restaurant. “You’re never going to be free from criticism or peaceful protest, people exercising their First Amendment rights. And, that is what happened in this case,” Buttigieg said.

Buttigieg’s support for protestors driving a Supreme Court justice from a restaurant prompted Shapiro to take to Twitter and note that Democrats believe they’re free to target anyone who denies their wishes:

“This is why Pete Buttigieg trends for defending people being harassed at dinner over abortion. Because the Democrats believe that all norms and niceties are completely irrelevant when people don’t give them what they want.”

However, Democrats are quick to claim that anyone who even disputes their views is committing violence, Shapiro wrote in his Twitter thread:

“According to the Dems and their media lapdogs, if you say that a trans woman is a biological male, this amounts to violence. If you track down a SCOTUS justice who was nearly assassinated a month ago and harass him at a restaurant with his families, this is free speech.”

And, because Democrats see that President Joe Biden can no longer effectively deliver the “performative outrage” his party relies on to vilify all opposition, they’re beginning to withdraw their support of him, Shapiro said in his final post on the thread:


“The reason Democrats are suddenly “realizing” Joe Biden is old is because he physically incapable of expressing the performative outrage that now substitutes for actual policy success or argument.”


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