Ben Shapiro: ‘Last Night Was One of the Worst Events in American Life’

“Last night was one of the worst events in American life,” Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro declared Wednesday, reviewing President Joe Biden’s State-of-the-Union speech on Tuesday.

“The State of the Union Address: yes, I hate it with a fiery passion, a thousand suns,” Shapiro admitted in a video clip from “The Ben Shapiro Show” he posted on Twitter. The State of the Union Address “has nothing to do with the actual Constitutional mandate for a state-of-the-union statement. He could have signed a letter and been done with it,” Shapiro noted.

“Instead, we sat through an old man yelling at clouds for an hour,” Shapiro said, offering viewers a recap of the speech:

“If you missed the speech last night, I’m going to give you the real brief version right now.

“All you have to do, just to relive it, is head over to your local old-age home, find a slightly deranged geriatric and let him yell at you about airline fees for about an hour.

“That’s pretty much what it was last night.”

Shapiro said the State of the Union always leaves him feeling cynical, but last night’s speech was even worse because of the way the liberal media lauded Biden for making it through the speech with so few mistakes:

“Everyone is stupid and everything is stupid, and I am never more cynical than I am the morning after the State of the Union Address – especially, given the fact that the media praised this thing to the skies.”


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