Bette Midler Criticizes Supreme Court for Having Too Many Catholics

Singer Bette Midler sent out a tweet on Tuesday in which she criticized the Supreme Court—questioning its “ability to be objective and fair”—given the number of Catholics who serve on it.

“Out of 9 justices, 7 on #SCOTUS are Catholic,” said Midler. “(Neil Gorsuch was born Catholic, but in a burst of #Anglophilia, is now #Episcopalian). Does that scream ‘diversity of opinion’ or ‘ability to be objective and fair’ to you given the historical #RomanCatholic antipathy to abortion?”

In fact, Midler’s assertion that there are 7 Catholics on the court only bears out if Justice Neil Gorsuch is counted as a Catholic rather than an Episcopalian.

When President Trump nominated Gorsuch in 2017, CNN reported of him: “He was raised Catholic but now worships with his wife and two daughters at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Boulder, Colorado.”

During his confirmation hearings, Sen. John Kennedy (R.-La.) asked Gorsuch: “I believe you are an Episcopalian?”


Gorsuch replied: “I attend an Episcopal church in Boulder with my family, senator.”

Kennedy responded: “I am a Methodist. I was a Presbyterian. When Becky and I got married, she was Methodist, and I was Presbyterian. We compromised, and I became a Methodist.”

“That is the way it works,” Gorsuch responded.

Chief Justice John Roberts is Catholics as are Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Samuel Alito, Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas and Amy Coney Barrett.

Justice Sotomayor, moreover, has called herself a “lapsed” Catholic. People magazine in 2013 quoted her as saying: “I think I’m called ‘lapsed Catholic’–Mass for weddings and funerals.”


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