Biden: 'A Lot of the Country Still Doesn't Know' How Much Democrats Have Done for Them

( – “By sticking together, we got a lot done,” President Joe Biden told a gathering of House Democrats in Baltimore on Wednesday.

But several times in his speech, Biden indicated that the American people aren’t aware of what Democrats have done for them.

He spoke of the need to make “folks…understand what you’ve done,” and he said the effort will include signs “that let people know what — who’s bringing you this project, why it’s happening.”

Biden began by listing what he views as Democrat accomplishments (some of them debatable): job gains, a low unemployment rate, a declining inflation rate, lower gas prices, the American Rescue Plan, and infrastructure investments.

He mentioned a rail tunnel in Baltimore that’s about to be rebuilt and renamed after civil rights pioneer Frederick Douglass: “And guess what?” Biden asked. “We’re going to let everybody know you did it. These are the signs we’re going to put up.”


He held up a sign reading, “President Joe Biden. Frederick Douglass Tunnel. Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.”

“I was telling the guys backstage, you know, if we did nothing — nothing but implement what we’ve already passed and let the people know who did it for them, we win,” Biden said.

Biden mentioned the Inflation Reduction Act, which is really a green energy bill, but which also allows Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. Biden claimed the law also reduces the deficit: “Don’t forget that part, to tell people,” the president said.

He mentioned the CHIPS and Science Act, which is intended to bring high-tech manufacturing back to American shores: “Don’t forget that, folks,” Biden told the Democrats.

“And, folks, you all know how much we’ve gotten done.  But a lot of the country still doesn’t know it. That’s why the big job in front of us is implementing the laws we’ve passed so people start to see it in their lives — all the benefits that are there because you produced it for them. You stepped up and got it done.

“Remember, everybody told us there was no possibility of us doing these things.  Remember that? Everybody.

“You know, I promised to partner with you and coordinate with you to make sure the implementation of these laws got done efficiently and effectively and let the American people know who did it, as they feel the benefits of the investment. You did it.”

Biden noted that he’s hired two “senior advisers” to help implement the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act.

“They’ll be here tomorrow — both of them — and the bulk of my Cabinet members to discuss with you exactly how we’re coordinating this,” Biden said.

“And it really is important how we do it. And we get it out, and we get shovels in the ground, we let people know what’s happening, and we change their lives. And they know it when they see it.  And they’ll see it, and they’ll know why we did it.

“And we’re going to bring together every element of the federal government to invest wisely and quickly.  In the process, they’ll attract more private-sector investment as well to get the best possible results for American workers and American families.

“And we’re going to let people know. We’re going to get this done, and we’re going to let them know, though. We’re going so far as to print signs, as I indicated, that let people know what — who’s bringing you this project, why it’s happening.”

Speaking of infrastructure, Biden told his fellow Democrats, “[F]olks might not know what the trench you’re digging around your community is. But we’re going to let them know ahead of time it’s for broadband — high-speed broadband that’s affordable.”

“Folks, look, you know, folks are going to understand what you’ve done, and we’re going to make sure of it.  But as much as we’ve done, we have a lot of unfinished business as well to finish the job that needs to be done.”

Biden mentioned making the Child Tax Credit permanent; banning assault weapons; raising taxes on the rich; police reform, immigration reform, voting right and reinstating federal abortion rights.

“Look, so what we did in the past two years — whenever possible, we should work on both sides of the aisle and get as much done as we can,” Biden said. “You know, there are areas where we should be able to agree, like protecting Medicare and Social Security, cutting the deficit, paying America’s bills.”

At the end of his speech, Biden gave Democrats “the bottom line.”

“Our plan is working,” he said. “It’s growing the economy.  It’s reducing the deficit.  It’s fiscally responsible.  But we’ve got more to do.  We made a lot of progress, but families across the country are starting to breathe just a little bit easier, as my dad would say.  Just a little easier.  We just got to keep going, folks.”


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