Biden Admits He Didn’t Understand Shutting Down Baby Formula Plant Would Have a ‘Very Big Impact’

( – President Joe Biden said Wednesday that he didn’t think anyone anticipated the impact that shutting down the Abbott facility, which manufactures baby formula, would have on the nation’s supply.

After meeting virtually with administration officials and major infant formula manufacturers Wednesday, Biden was asked whether anyone at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would be held accountable for how they handled the infant formula shortage.

The president replied, saying, “The question is whether or not there was a — this could have been moved quicker. You know, the question you always love to ask me is, on every single thing: Why didn’t you act sooner?

“Well, I don’t think anyone anticipated the impact of the shutdown of one facility in — the Abbott facility, and it was accurately shut down because it was — the formula was questioned, in terms of its purity, and so, once we learned of the extent of it and how broad it was, we kicked everything into gear, and I think we’re — I think we’re on the way to be able to completely solve the problem,” he said.

“But, sir, the executives said that they knew it immediately,” a reporter shouted.


“Excuse me, Mr. President, didn’t those CEOs just tell you that they understood it would have a very big impact?” CNN White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins said.

BIDEN:  They did, but I didn’t.

COLLINS: But shouldn’t the FDA have been more aware of that when they took months to conduct the inspection to interview people at this plant after the complaints were made and then only shuttered it in February?

BIDEN:  Well, the real problem occurred when it started — when it got shuttered.  So, you’re saying we — they should have anticipated it would be shuttered.

COLLINS: They got complaints about the facility last fall, Mr. President.

BIDEN:  The answer is – Well, here’s the deal.  I became aware of this problem sometime in — after April — in early April, about how intense it was, and so, we did everything in our power from that point on, and that’s all I can tell you right now, and we’re going to continue to do it until we get the job done.


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