Biden Always Puts Americans Last

  “The adults are back in charge!” 

  That was a common refrain among the media and many cultural elites after November 3, 2020.  It didn’t take long for reality to come crashing in.

  Within hours of Biden’s election, the Mexican government passed legislation that effectively voided the immigration obligations it had previously agreed to during Donald Trump’s presidency.  Dozens of immigration shelters along the southern border were immediately emptied.  A tidal wave of mass migration began and it never let up.

  Record numbers of illegal aliens, deadly drugs, criminals and terrorist suspects have crossed our southern border ever since Biden took office.  Now, even our northern border is being overwhelmed.  Apprehensions of illegal aliens crossing the U.S. border from Canada are up 850%.

  But things quickly went from bad to worse. 


  Barely six months into his presidency, Joe Biden surrendered to the Taliban and suffered a humiliating defeat when he retreated from Kabul, Afghanistan.  Biden’s incompetence got 13 American heroes killed, and he left thousands of Americans behind enemy lines.

  While Biden was surrendering to the Taliban, he was desperately trying to appease Iran’s radical mullahs.  Biden made repeated concessions hoping to entice the ayatollah to reenter the horrible 2015 Obama/Biden nuclear deal which Donald Trump rightly abandoned.  

  Biden made so many concessions to Iran that key members of his negotiating team, who were central to the 2015 deal, quit in frustration.

  Joe Biden’s weakness was on full display once again when he allowed a communist Chinese spy balloon, tracked from the moment it took off, to violate U.S. sovereignty, fly over Alaska and Canada into Montana and across the continental United States. 

  Only after the Chinese spy balloon had likely completed its dirty work surveilling key nuclear bases did Biden shoot it down off the coast of South Carolina.

  Sensing the frustration of the American people, “the Big Guy” suddenly transformed into a Wild West gunslinger and started shooting down anything, including cheap hobby balloons, that showed up on his radar. 

  But such inconsistency has been the hallmark of his policy toward Ukraine.  A few weeks ago, Biden approved the transfer of U.S. tanks to Ukraine.  Yet last year, Biden warned against sending American tanks because that would lead to World War III.

  Donald Trump was the first American president in decades to not start another war.  Under Joe Biden, we’re once again playing “Policeman of the World,” and on the verge of stumbling into a nuclear conflict with Russia and communist China.

  I’m no fan of Vladimir Putin.  I served all eight years in the Reagan Administration, and I don’t trust that former KGB officer any farther than I could throw him.  Reagan’s strength defeated the Soviet Union without firing a shot.  And while Reagan was telling Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, Joe Biden was carping from the sidelines.

  Biden’s weakness in Afghanistan, his craven appeasement of Iran and his unwillingness to defend our own borders invited Putin’s aggression in Ukraine.

  Joe Biden has now committed more than $110 billion to defend the borders of Ukraine.  In the process, he has literally depleted our own stockpiles of ammunition and weapons.

  National security experts are warning that should another major conflict erupt – say China moves against Taiwan or Iran strikes Israel or Putin invades Poland – the United States could run out of ammunition in one week. 

  The missiles and artillery shells we have sent Ukraine will take years, not months, to replace.  Biden’s “blank check” to Ukraine has seriously weakened America’s national security. 

  Meanwhile, Biden’s “modern” military is all in on climate change, the LGBTQ agenda, and radical concepts about “equity.”

  Sadly, we were warned.  Robert Gates, Barack Obama’s defense secretary, put it bluntly when he said that Joe Biden “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” 

  Wide-open borders.  Surrendering to radical Islamists.  Spy balloons violating our sovereignty.  Fighting a proxy war on the border of nuclear-armed Russia. 

  That’s not “adult leadership.”  It’s what “America Last” looks like.


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