Biden Confused at Egg Roll, Asks His Wife, 'We Walk Off?'

( – President Joe Biden sometimes has trouble exiting the stage, not sure which way to go, and yesterday was no exception.  

After speaking to the crowd gathered on the South Lawn for the annual White House egg roll — brief remarks he read from notes in his hand — the president asked his wife, “We walk off?”

“We walk off, yep,” Mrs. Biden said.

Here’s what Biden said (read):

“Good morning, everyone. I’m Joe Biden, Jill’s husband. Welcome to the White House, your house. And special thanks to the Egg Board, the American Egg Farmers, the White House Historical Association, National Parks [off-mic] season of joy, a time of rebirth, renewal, faith, hope, and love, a time to remember that, in the beauty of spring, the seeds of new opportunity are planted.

“And this spring, our future fills — is filled with unlimited possibilities that can multiply and grow because of all the good people here and throughout the country. Ladies and gentlemen, what I see looking across the South Lawn is a country made up of possibilities. Anything’s possible in America if we remember who we are and we do it together.

“So, have a wonderful, wonderful time here at the People’s House. God bless you all and may God protect our troops. Happy Easter. [Applause] We walk off?”

(“We walk off, yep,” Jill Biden said.)


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