Biden: In 2022 Election, ‘Voters Resoundingly and Roundly Rejected the Voices of Extremism’ (Dems Lost Control of House)

“Voters resoundingly and roundly rejected the voices of extremism” in the November 2022 national elections, President Joe Biden bragged Wednesday – even though his party lost control of the House and picked up only a single seat in the Senate.

Biden made the boast during remarks at the Summit for Democracy Virtual Plenary in Washington, DC:

“During our free, fair, and secure elections last fall, America’s first national election since the January 6th attack on our Capitol — Capitol, voters resoundingly and roundly rejected the voices of extremism attacking and undermining our democracy.
“The right to vote, to have your vote counted, is the threshold of democracy and liberty everywhere in the world.  And with it, anything is possible.  Without it, in my view, nothing is possible.”

One way voters “resoundingly and roundly rejected the voices of extremism” was by taking control of the House away from Democrats and giving it to Republicans, as Ballotopedia explains:

“As a result of the elections, Republicans won 222 districts, gaining control of the chamber, while Democrats won 213 districts.

“Heading into the election, Democrats held a 220-212 majority in the U.S. House with three vacancies. Republicans needed to gain a net of five districts to win a majority in the chamber. They gained a net of nine seats.

On the Senate side, Democrats picked up a seat and maintained tenuous control, despite remaining (technically) outnumbered by Republicans.

Before the election, two independents caucused with 48 Democrats to create a 50-50 split – giving Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris the tie-breaking vote.


After the election, there were still only 48 Senate Democrats, since one left the party to become an independent, while the number of Republicans dipped from 50 to 49.

With the three independents caucusing with them, Democrats now hold a 51-49 advantage and can pass legislation without Harris’ help.


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