Biden Issues Executive Order to Pay for Out-of-State Abortions Using Medicaid

(CNS News) — The Biden administration issued an executive order on Aug. 3 directing the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to allow Medicaid funds to aid women seeking out-of-state abortions.  

This executive order seeks to ensure “access to reproductive health care services, including through Medicaid for patients who travel out of state for reproductive health care services.”

As White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, the order “paves the way for Medicaid to pay for abortions for women having to travel out of state,” specifically when abortion is illegal in their state.

At the signing of the order on Wednesday, President Biden stated, “I believe Roe got it right, and it’s been the law for close to 50 years. And I commit to the American people we’re doing everything in our power to safeguard access to health care, including the right to choose that women had under Roe v. Wade, which was ripped away by this extreme [Supreme] court.”

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra will encourage states to get Medicaid waivers which would “allow them to provide reproductive health care to women who live in states where abortions are banned,” press secretary Jean-Pierre stated. She went on to say that these Medicaid waivers would pay for abortion procedures.


Owen Jensen, a Catholic Reporter from EWTN, confronted the press secretary on Wednesday about why President Biden would force Catholic taxpayers to support abortions.

Jean-Pierre did not directly answer this question but stated, “So federal law makes clear doctors must provide women emergency medical care, including abortion services, to stabilize women facing life-threatening condtions. We are working to ensure that pregnant women whose life and lives are in serious jeopardy receive the care that they need.”

She went on to state there are exceptions for religious or moral objections.

“So nothing in today’s EO impacts those exceptions,” she claimed.

According to Fox News, the Hyde Amendment  does not allow federal tax money to be used to fund abortions, except in the cases of rape or incest, or to save the mother’s life. Further, in most states where abortion has been banned or severely restricted, there are exceptions for rape or incest or to save the mother’s life.  

National Review  reported that “every pro-life law in the country includes an abortion exception for cases when the mother’s life is at risk, acknowledging that ectopic pregnancy treatment is unique from an induced, elective abortion.”

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America tweeted against Biden’s executive order, saying, “President Biden announced that he will issue an executive order today seeking to force taxpayers to fund abortion on demand until birth in Democrat-led states – with no limits on abortion, including through Medicaid, in violation of the Hyde Amendment.”

House Rep. Beth Van Duyne (R-Texas) also pushed back against the order and said it proves Biden has no respect for life and is “a president who is trying to act like a dictator, and as a king, and trampling all over states’ rights and trampling all over the Supreme Court decision.”

The congresswoman also tweeted, “There is no ‘right’ to travel across state lines to extinguish life. Dictators in China and North Korea allow that.”

Live Action president and prominent pro-life leader Lila Rose expressed her strong opposition to the executive order.

“Biden is doing more than trying to circumvent the U.S. Supreme Court,” she told Fox News. “He’s trying to circumvent the U.S. Constitution. I mean, there is a constitutional right to life for all humans in this country — that includes the pre-born, and what Biden is doing is absolutely disgusting.”

“I mean, the president is literally trying to pay and help enable people to break their own state laws, to do danger to their own children, crossing state lines to ultimately have their own children killed — this is the farthest thing from following the constitution and upholding our law and it is absolutely brutal that the president of the United States is arranging to have this done. I mean, it’s putting children in harm’s way and it’s endangering women too.” 

“This idea of a medically necessary abortion, there’s a lot of misinformation about this right now,” she continued.  “There are thousands of pro-life doctors who say, ‘We can treat both the mother and the child as patients and care for them both.’ And in medicine the direct harm of the child, the direct and intentional taking of their life, is not medically necessary. Sometimes early delivery may be necessary, or other treatments, but in this way abortion is not medically necessary.”

“So there is a tremendous amount of misinformation that the president is actually relying on to try to get public acceptance of these extraordinary and unconstitutional measures that he’s pushing,” said Rose.


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