Biden: ‘It’s a Catholic Rosary I Have on My Wrist’

( – Speaking at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga., on Sunday to mark Martin Luther King Day, President Joe Biden showed the congregation that he had a “Catholic rosary” on his wrist.

“Every time I walk out of my Irish Catholic grandfather’s home up in Scranton, Pennsylvania—his name was Ambrose Finnegan—and he’d yell, ‘Joey, keep the faith,’” said Biden in his speech.

“And my grandmother, ‘No, Joey.  Spread it.  Spread the faith,” said Biden.

“No, I’m serious,” Biden said. “It’s a Catholic Rosary I have on my wrist—the one my son had on the day—the night he was dying.  

“The point is: There’s hope. There’s always hope. We have to believe,” said Biden.



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