Biden: Republicans ‘Want to Cut Your Social Security and Medicare’

( – President Biden on Thursday accused Republicans of threatening to destroy the economic progress made during his administration and wanting to raise gas prices, impose a 30 percent national sales tax and cut Social Security and Medicare.

“We’re moving in the right direction. Now we gotta protect those gains, protect those gains that our policies have generated, protect them from the MAGA Republicans in the House of Representatives who are threatening to destroy this progress. Look, this ain’t your father’s Republican Party. This is a different breed of cat as they say,” he said during a speech on the economy in Springfield, Va.

“As hard as it is to believe, they want to pass legislation to do the following things: I’ve been saying this. No one believed it, so I started to introduce this stuff. They want to raise your gas prices. They want to cut taxes for billionaires who pay virtually only three percent of their income now. Three percent they pay,” the president said.

“You know a babysitter pays more than that, and we want to impose a 30 percent national sales tax on everything from food, clothing, school supplies, housing, cars, whole deal – 30 percent. You think I’m joking. If I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t believe it, and folks, the reason they want to do that, they want to eliminate the income tax system, because guess what?” Biden said.

“That’s the only way that millionaires and billionaires have to pay any taxes, but guess what will happen to all of y’all if in fact 30 percent sales tax on everything you buy from eggs to automobiles? Not a joke, and one more I want to say, and this during the last campaign in the off-year campaign,” he said.


“They want to cut your Social Security and Medicare. This is the God’s truth. It’s almost unbelievable, and beyond that, they’re actually threatening to have us default on the American debt, debt that’s been accumulating over 230 years, okay, and the interest on that debt. We’ve never done that, so we have a rhetor– I have a rhetorical question,” the president said.

“What in God’s name would the Americans give up the progress we made for the chaos they’re suggesting? I don’t get it. That’s why the MAGA Republicans are liberally choose to inflict this kind of pain on the American people. Why? This nation’s gone through too much. We’ve come too far to let that happen. I will not let it happen, not on my watch. I will veto everything they send. Not after all the progress we’ve made and how far we’ve come,” Biden said.


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