Biden Sees MASSIVE Drop In Approval Among Black Voters

According to a new report from DailyWire “Joe Biden’s approval rating among African-Americans has dropped significantly during his presidency, as his approval overall continues to slide.”

Per the report:

A focus group of African Americans in the states of Michigan, Texas, and Georgia, conducted by Democratic surveyor Navigator Research, found that Biden’s approval among black people fell 10 percentage points over the course of the year 2021, from 86% in January 2021, shortly after Biden took office, to 76% in 2022. Even more surprising, Biden’s approval among black voters under 35 declined by a full 25% over the past year, from 88% in 2021 to just 63% in 2022.

Biden’s base of support was very tepid, the focus group found, with neither enthusiastic support nor intense disapproval. Asked to grade Biden’s “progress report” so far, voters gave him mostly “C” grades, with a few “Ds,” and even fewer “Bs.”

Asked to pinpoint some of the Biden administration’s positives and negatives, voters pointed to health care and returning to the Paris Climate Accord as positives. “Health care. Most definitely. The best thing we got going right now,” said one Georgia man. “There’s more help for those that weren’t able to get health care or didn’t think they could afford it. It’s more affordable at the present time and it’s better coverage.” “I think he’s had a good COVID response, getting Fauci on board, getting that rolled out. I think, what I said before, repairing relationships with allies. I guess it’s more specific. We rejoined the Paris Climate Accord,” said another.


Appearing on NewsmaxTV last month, Dick Morris argued Black voters feel taken advantage of by Democrats.



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