Biden Tells Donors: 'We're Going to Live With This Inflation for a While'

( – President Joe Biden on Sunday once again blamed the war in Ukraine for the rising price of gasoline, now averaging $5 a gallon nationally for the first time ever.

“It’s outrageous what the war in — in Ukraine is causing,” Biden said.

“And we’re trying very hard to make sure that we can — we’ve significantly increased the number of barrels of oil that are being pumped out of the — the reserve we have.  We got 240,000 barrels as well coming from other nations. We’re going to keep pushing on it.”

But the day before, on Saturday, Biden told a Democrat fundraiser in Beverly Hills, California, Biden said, “We’re going to live with this inflation for a while.”

“And we’re trying to bring down the price of gas, keep it from going up as rapidly as it is,” Biden said.


“I was able to release a million barrels a day from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and convince our allies to come up with another 240 million barrels a da- — 240 million barrels, so that it kept the price from going up further.

“But the point is this: We’re going to live with this inflation for a while.  It’s going to come down gradually, but we’re going to live with it for a while.”

But not to worry, Biden told Democrats: “There’s more than one way to deal with the impact of inflation on average families. We can lower the prices for other things they have to pay for on a monthly basis.”

Biden mentioned lower prescription drug costs, particularly insulin; and he mentioned subsidized daycare, part of his Build Back Better agenda.

But millions of American need neither insulin nor daycare, while almost all Americans are impacted by rising food and fuel costs.

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