Biden: Vice President Harris Is Doing an 'Incredible Job. Not a Joke'

( – President Joe Biden followed his vice president to the podium Saturday night at an awards ceremony hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.

Thank you, Kamala, for that introduction and, even more importantly, for your partnership, because it is a partnership. Isn’t she doing an incredible job? Not a joke,” Biden said to applause.

In her introduction, Vice President Kamala Harris told the Congressional Black Caucus that “we need the leadership of this organization now more than ever.”

“Leadership that has the proven ability to see America as it can be, unburdened by what has been. Leadership that is grounded — and has always been — in fundamental rights, including the importance of justice for all people. Leadership that represents not just the Congress — not just the conscience of the Congress, but the conscience of our country.

“We gather in unsettled times. I have seen that as I have traveled across this nation and around the world as your Vice President. And you have seen it too. Ideals and freedoms that we thought were long established and are now under threat.

“Overseas, it includes the threat to the sovereignty of independent nations.

“And at home, threats to a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body. Threats to a voter’s right to cast a ballot and have it counted. And threats to the right of every citizen to lead and live free from hate and violence.

“These long-held freedoms now hang in the balance. So, in this moment, what are we then called to do? Well, CBC, let us take a lesson from our history.”

Harris’s message was get out and vote.

President Biden actually sounded a note of unity as he spoke to the largely African-American audience, a departure from his “MAGA Republican” insults of late.


“And it’s times like these we’re reminded that America is about how we choose to see one another — how we choose to see one another; how we choose to treat everyone with dignity and respect they deserve; how we choose to believe that is — America is big enough for all of us to succeed,” Biden said.

“You know me, and I know you. That’s the version of America we’re making real. Finally, together, we’re making it real. In fact, big wins since we were sworn in simply wouldn’t have happened without the CBC. As a matter of fact, without the CBC, I wouldn’t be standing here tonight. (Applause.) That’s a fact.”

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