Biden Was In The Middle of Dumping On America When A Bird Dumped On Him…No Joke [VIDEO]

Biden was attempting to pass the inflation crisis off as being Putin’s fault rather than his and a bird did what many might have wanted to do for about a year now: it relieved itself on him while he stood there speaking. Yes, really.

Watch that here:

President Biden accused Vladimir Putin of “genocide” in Ukraine on Tuesday while blaming the Russian president for inflation reaching its highest level in four decades.

“Your family budget, your ability to fill up your tank — none of it should hinge on whether a dictator declares war and commits genocide half a world away,” Biden said at an ethanol facility in Iowa.


The president told reporters before boarding Air Force One for a return flight to DC that “it’s become clearer and clearer that Putin is trying to wipe out the idea of being Ukrainian.”

“The evidence is mounting,” Biden added. “It looks different than last week. More evidence is coming out literally of the horrible things that the Russians have done in Ukraine.”

Biden added, “we’re gonna only learn more and more about the devastation and we’ll let the lawyers decide internationally whether or not it qualifies, but it sure seems that way to me.”

That “Putin’s to blame” talking point is much the same as what Psaki said during a recent press conference, preemptively blaming Putin for the inflation disaster in a shameless display of her attempting to pass the blame.

She said:

“Because of the actions we’ve taken to address the Putin price hike, we are in a better place than we were last month,” Psaki told reporters. “We expect March CPI headline inflation to be extraordinarily due to Putin’s price hike.

“And we expect a large difference between core and headline inflation reflected in the global disruptions in energy and food markets. Core inflation doesn’t include energy and food prices, headline inflation does.

“And of course we know that core inflation – energy, the impact of energy on oil prices, gas prices, we expect that to reflect what we’ve seen the increases be over the course of this invasion.”

Continuing with the shameless attempt to pass the buck, Psaki then said:

“Just as an example, since President Putin’s military buildup accelerated in January average gas prices are up more than $0.80. Most of the increase occurred in the month of March, and at times, gas prices were more than $1.00 above pre-invasion levels.

“So that roughly 25% increase in gas prices will drive tomorrow’s inflation reading and certainly it’s not a surprise to us. We certainly think it will be reflected.”


So yeah, the pigeon (or whatever bird it was) was certainly in the right for relieving itself on the fools spewing that nonsense.

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