Biden’s SCOTUS Justice, Kenanji Brown Jackson, Caught Applauding Gun Ban

As Americans know, the purpose of the U.S. Supreme court is to interpret the law in regard to the U.S. Constitution.

SCOTUS Justice Stephen Breyer will be stepping down and retiring at the end of his term this year.

President Biden has nominated Kenanji Brown Jackson to take Breyer’s place on the SCOTUS, and the confirmation of that appointment will challenge traditional beliefs in the court.

The SCOTUS has a conservative majority, but Jackson will be a far-left addition to the court.

Jackson may be the most liberal judge yet on the SCOTUS.


President Biden had promised to appoint a black woman to the SCOTUS if the opportunity arose, and Jackson’s appointment in April fulfills that promise as she is the first black woman to be appointed to the SCOTUS.

Jackson, an appeals court judge in the DC circuit, was confirmed by a narrow margin in Congress.

Only 3 Republicans voted to confirm Jackson.

Minority leader Mitch McConnell implored the judge to embrace the textualist approach of the conservative judges, the Guardian reported.

“The soon-to-be justice can either satisfy her radical fan club or help preserve the judiciary that Americans need, but not both,” McConnell said.

“I’m afraid the nominee’s record tells us which is likely, but I hope Judge Jackson proves me wrong,” McConnell continued.

The SCOTUS will be looking at a variety of hot-topic cases in the coming year, and one of those cases is in regard to the constitutional basis for gun sales and ownership.

Recently there have been mass shootings in the U.S.

The shooting last week in Uvalde, Texas which resulted in the murder of 22 at an elementary school as well as the shooting in Buffalo, New York at a supermarket killing 10 are bringing focus to firearms.

Liberals are blaming weapons, namely certain guns, for these murders rather than blame the murderers and delve in to why there is a mindset of individuals to murder others.

In both the recent shootings, the killer was around 18 years old, asking the question why someone so young would want to kill others.

But liberals are focused on weapon control rather than mental health or why these shootings are happening when weapons have been available since the beginning of the U.S. but mass shootings were rare until recently.

On Thursday night last week, President Joe Biden gave a speech in which he claimed, “the second amendment is not absolute,” the New York Post reports. We need to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines,” President Biden stated.

The second amendment to the U.S. Constitution states,” A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

“And if we can’t ban assault weapons then we should raise the age to purchase them from 18 to 21,” the president continued.

He also said he wants to “strengthen background checks and enact safe-storage laws and red flag laws.”

The Post reports that Republicans and conservatives blasted Biden following his address claiming he and his fellow Democrats’ proposals are either unconstitutional or would be ineffective in preventing mass shootings.

Now it seems visiting leaders from more liberal countries are speaking in the U.S. to promote thoughts on more gun control in the U.S.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spoke Saturday at Harvard University’s Commencement exercises.

Ardern is also leader of the Labor Party in New Zealand.

Ardern has met with President Biden recently and has also signed an international climate partnership with California.

It seems she is here promoting her the agenda she has been pushing in New Zealand.

New Zealand has recently been enacting stricter gun control laws since a mass shooting there in 20019.

Laws in New Zealand are including government buy-out programs for guns and the banning of certain gun types.

During her speech, the New York Post reports, Ardern boasted her governments achievements since she assumed office, which included legalizing gay marriage and “banning military-style semi-automatics and assault rifles.”

Commencement speeches are usually meant to inspire, uplift and direct new graduates who are about to take their place in society in various professions and service.

Jackson, who is awaiting to join the bench of SCOTUS, was in attendance at Harvard’s commencement on May 26.

The camera was on Jackson at a crucial moment, and in the video of the speech is seen applauding bu clapping her hands at Prime Minister Ardern’s comments concerning New Zealand’s ban on certain guns.

It seems Jackson is publicly showing her favor of gun bans regardless of the second amendment and in agreement with governments who lean toward more socialist ideas.

It remains to be seen how Jackson will address gun issues in regard to the Constitution once she is sitting on the bench, but she is caught on video making her personal views known.

The commencement video can be viewed here:

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