The MEDIA (and Trudeau) Should Be Blamed For Unhinged BLUE CHECK lunatic calling for KILLING Freedom Convoy… But they Won’t Be

The jerk in question has locked his account after he couldn’t take the heat following his abusive, Twitter-rules-violating rampage against people protesting mandates in Canada and the United States.

His name is Rob Gill, and not only did he tweet that the governments of Canada and the United States should deploy LETHAL force against the protests, he has also been encouraging suicide, doxxing people, targeting family-members and more.

Twitter has done NOTHING about it.

Oh and remember how GiveSendGo was hit by hackers for allowing a fundraiser for the Freedom Convoy?


Ol’ Gill was out there pitching that idea.

ALSO a violation of Twitter rules.

And he’s been violating those rules for years.

If you’re a liberal LUNATIC Twitter is just fine with you. Just like the rest of big tech.

But you can blame CNN and Justin Trudeau for his madness. They’re the ones demonizing unvaccinated citizens and the convoy, trying to blame every societal ill plaguing Biden on Biden’s enemies.

If this was a conservative CNN and those places would be the FIRST to blame Fox News and Trump for insane raving. So blame CNN and Biden and Trudeau. IN this case, it’s probably true.


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