Bloodthirsty Democrat Maggot Prays For Painful Death, Hellfire For Republicans. He’s Also A Big-Time Dem Donor

On Tuesday, Nick Hanauer, a “verified” Twitter “blue-check,” read, “liberal Democrat,” issued a tweet openly calling for Republicans to die a horrible death to be followed by an eternity in Hell.

Let me pray too. Dear God, please reach down in all your mightiness and give all of these Republican politicians terminal cancer. Let them die excruciatingly painful deaths and then chuck them into hell for all eternity. Amen,” he tweeted.

The tweet is no longer live, but not to worry — we captured a screen shot for posterity:



You can also see an archive of his tweet here.

Why should we care what an individual liberal would say on a site that is basically a sewer filled primarily with liberal crap?

Twitchy tells us:

Oh, did we mention Nick is a huge Democrat donor? HUGE. If you look at him on OpenSecrets he’s donated maybe even millions to that party, various candidates, and of course, plenty of organizations. So this tweet totally lines up, yup.

In other words, he’s not just a run-of-the-mill liberal maggot.  He funds others just like him.  Who no doubt shares his belief that all Republicans must die of cancer.

Of course, his sycophantic followers agreed.  Naturally, because liberalism is an ideology of insane, bloodthirsty, genocidal rage and hate.

But quite a few others took him to task:

Yes, it is, but liberals on Twitter are allowed to advocate bloody murder, as we’ve documented many times.

We tend to agree.

Well, don’t hold your breath waiting for the fascists at Twitter to do anything about it…

Speaking as the spouse of a cancer survivor, I agree.

This, by the way, IS the modern left.  And yes, if you disagree with them, they want you dead.  Let that sink in.


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  1. Amazing how the Libtards and DemonicRATS want everyone dead who doesn’t totally walk in lock-step with them, wishing them painful deaths, etc. Yet WHICH GROUP supports the killing of innocent babies in the womb, a child with future potential?? The DemonicRATS!! How many Mahatma Ghandis have we killed? How many Booker T. Washingtons?? How many Einsteins?? You catching on here?? The party of DEATH and dismemberment is continuing their ghoulish ways, wishing DEATH for all who disagree with them. Vote OUT the DemonicRATS!!

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