BOMBSHELL: Shocking New Video Exposes Uvalde Police ALLOWING Children To Be Murdered

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Members of the Uvalde, Texas, police force have been the topic of intense debate because of their shocking response to the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School last month that claimed the lives of nineteen students and two teachers.

The upsetting details of what happened that day keep getting more confusing for the public. Police reportedly waited over an hour to subdue the shooter and sat near the door where he was rampaging without attempting to stop him.

Now ever more shocking footage has been released that comes from the State House Committee that is investigating the matter- which shows Police officers using their phones and getting hand sanitizer as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos was murdering children who were trapped in their classroom with no help in sight.

“The State House committee investigating, the shooting said that a 77 minute surveillance video is going to be shown in Uvalde. And then released publicly this coming Sunday, no state law has prevented the release of that video, “KVUTV in Austin said, introducing the clip.


“After thorough editorial discussion, we have decided to show portions of that video because this public record help. All of us to understand what exactly happened inside. Rob Elementary School. That day. It provides more context, but of course, not all context. The video we should say. Here is difficult to watch, obviously, especially knowing what happened that day,” the news announcer said.

“You will see the influx of Law Enforcement Officers into the school, which should have enabled quicker action. You will also hear some of the shots fired by the gunman, but we have taken very careful steps here. Not to show any Specially graphic images, though. It hasn’t been released to the victim’s families, yet, the transparency. And the accountability that this video provides weighs heavily in favor of showing it to you,” she said.

The news announcer tells her audience:

I want to be clear. The video has been edited, so you will not hear screaming from the classrooms. You will not see any injured children, you will. However, hear gunshots. Now, this first video is one of the toughest to watch. You’re about to see an elementary school student, but this student is not physically harmed. This is the moment, the shooter enters the school and walks down the hallway, behind the shooter, a child will approach that same hallway and then you will hear the shooter fire several shots in the opposite direction as The child turns and runs away. The time is 11:33 a.m.

Now, this next video begins roughly three minutes after what you just saw you will not see the shooter. It’s just as officers arrived with at least one rifle and try to confront the shooter, you will see them come into the frame at 11:36 am, but they will Retreat. Back to the end of the hallway after hearing gunfire and they will stay there for the next 45 minutes.

Now, this video is a time-lapse of a 45-minute clip from 11:37 a.m. to 12:22 p.m. real-time. You will see officers gathered at the end of the hallway as more and more manpower as well as equipment arrives. Now there is more footage of officers and Equipment arriving in staging in that hallway. But for the next video, we’re about to show you the time is now 12:50 p.m. that’s about an hour and 15 minutes. After the first officers were seen on video in the hallway, officers move into the classroom and take down the shooter. And in this video, you can see just how many officers there are in the hallway when the gunman is taken down.

Again Governor Greg Abbott and many in the Valley Community have called for the release of this video. DPS is investigating. I should say, it continues into what happened that day. Jason is gut-wrenching to watch for sure aerial. But again, this is intended to bring about that transparency that we’ve been talking about. There is obviously a lot to take in, And with this video, we want you to be sure to stay with WFA throughout this evening. We’re going to be working to give you the full context of these videos. We’ve also got a full write-up at

The Daily Mail reported:

“The video showing how easy it was for teen gunman Salvador Ramos to saunter into Robb Elementary School on the morning of May 24 and slaughter 19 children, as well as two teachers, has been made public.

Leaked footage shows how cops in Uvalde, Texas, stalled in the hallway for 77 minutes, checked their phones, used hand sanitizer and ran away from the gunfire at the school as Ramos fired more than 100 rounds at children in two classrooms.

Close to the end of the stand-off, Uvalde County Sheriff’s Deputy Felix Rubio is shown being restrained by brother officers from engaging Ramos.

Rubio’s daughter, Alexandria Aniyah Rubio, was one of Ramos’ 19 victims. She was 10 years old.

The video was first obtained by The Austin-American Statesman. As many have predicted, it demonstrates how police in Uvalde failed the victims and their families on that day.”

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