BREAKING: Brandon Gill announces run for US Congress from Texas’ 26th Congressional District

On Monday, Brandon Gill, the founder of the DC Enquirer and son-in-law of Dinesh D’Souza, announced that he has filed to run for US Congress in Texas’ 26th Congressional District.

Gill is running to replace Rep. Michael Burgess, a Republican who is retiring at the end of his term.

“We desperately need conservative warriors in Washington who represent real America, not the Swamp. I look forward to representing the great people of North Texas,” Gill wrote on X.  

Gill said that he has entered the race with $250,000 in funds raised already.

“With a deep-rooted commitment to service and a background reflecting the true essence of the American Dream, Brandon will be a relentless conservative warrior fighting against the Biden Administration and the DC Establishment,” a press release stated.


“Congressional Democrats and the Biden Administration have failed us. Our homeland is being invaded. Our borders are a free-for-all. Crime is soaring, and our economy is a wrecking ball aimed at the middle class,” said Gill.

“We’re in dire need of a trailblazer, someone unafraid to take on the power players and entrenched interests, a fighter who embodies our values. Washington, take note: you’re done pushing Texans around. Starting now, you’re going to listen to us. I’ve been on the front lines in conservative media, and now I’m ready to take the battle straight to the Swamp. We need to finish the wall, secure the Southern border, balance our budget, unleash our energy industry, restore law and order, and kick weak Republicans who rubber stamp progressives’ agenda out of Congress.”

The press release states that Gill’s “heart lies in Texas with the hard-working men and women whose way of life is under assault,” and is dedicated “to preserving the freedoms Americans hold dear is unwavering.” 

Gill, alongside his wife Danielle D’Souza Gill, was an executive producer for Police State, a film released by Dinesh D’Souza earlier this year that reveals how the US government weaponized itself against American citizens, tracing back through the sieges of Ruby Ridge and Waco, Texas through the Patriot Act and the weaponized Department of Justice. 

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