BREAKING: China’s People’s Liberation Army Launches Biological Attack Against The World During Olympics

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Sources inside China have warned that the country is launching a biological attack against the world during the Olympic Games.

CDMedia reported that the sources confirmed the armed forces of the Chinese Communist Party, the People’s Liberation Army, have launched another virus on its own people during the Olympics in Beijing, in order for athletes and diplomats to return home and infect the rest of the world, particularly the West.

@MalcolmOutLoud: Once CCP released new Unrestricted Bioweapon to ?? athletes in Winter Olympic, is quarantine helpful?
Me: Must well-prepared(esp. anti-viral hemorrhagic fever). But CCP could infect other participants, then spread it ?, as how #COVID got ?? via ??-Italy pathway

— Dr. Li-Meng YAN (@DrLiMengYAN1) February 11, 2022


Viral hemorrhagic fever cases in the UK ·3rd relative suspected, but is awaiting confirmatory tests ·All 3 are members of the same family from the East of England, officials said ·2 new cases are among only 10 ever spotted in the UK — and first since 2009

The purpose of the launch is multifold. After being developed in a lab, the PLA is testing the pathogen’s performance on China’s own people and those attending the Olympics.


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