BREAKING: Colorado state parole officer who died from hit-and-run crash identified as Christine Guerin Sandoval

The Colorado state parole officer who lost her life after being hit by a suspect as she was trying to serve a warrant has been identified as Christine Guerin Sandoval in a Friday afternoon press conference. 

Sandoval and two other Colorado state parole officers were reportedly trying to apprehend 41-year-old suspect Justin Andrew Kula around the intersection of North Spruce Street and West Bijou Street in Colorado Springs when the incident occurred.

“Upon arrival our officers determined that three parole officers had attempted to contact a suspect who was known to them in the parking lot of a business at that intersection,” stated Ira Cronin, Colorado Springs Police Department public relations manager. “While attempting to flee, the suspect struck two of the parole officers with his vehicle and then fled the location.”

Sandoval ultimately died from her injuries after she was transported along with another parole officer to UCHealth Memorial Central.

“Christine was a mother, she was a daughter, she was a wife, she was a protector,” said Moses ‘Andre’ Stancil, executive director of the Colorado Department of Corrections. “Christine took an oath and that oath was to protect the citizens of Colorado and she lost her life doing just that.”


This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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