BREAKING: Derek Chauvin calls his trial a ‘sham’ in first interview from prison

Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, who is currently serving 21 years in federal prison over the death of George Floyd, characterized his trial process as a “sham” as he made his first comments to the media since Floyd’s death.

Chauvin’s remarks came in an interview from The Fall of Minneapolis, a new documentary that takes another look at Floyd’s death, the criminal prosecution of Chauvin, and how many in the world had responded to the event, reports the Daily Mail.

The former police officer said that both his trial and sentencing were a “sham” and that responding emergency medical service personnel took far too long to show up on the scene, with Chauvin characterizing the length of time taken as “not normal.” EMTs apparently took an entire 20 minutes to arrive, even with an ambulance bay existing a mere 8 blocks away.

The film, produced by Journalist Liz Collin, aims to expose the rush to judgment in the case that was largely encouraged by Democrat government officials, and led to the Black Lives Matter riots seen around the country. 

Colin was vilified as she reported on the riots following Floyd’s death in 2020 as she is married to the then chief of Minneapolis’ police union. Hostile people had at one point surrounded her home and demanded she be fired.


Now, Colin’s new documentary has brought more light to the revelation that the FBI could have modified Floyd’s autopsy to make it seem like Chauvin had killed him by clamping down on his neck, despite the original report saying nothing of asphyxiation.

Chauvin repeatedly says in the film that he and other officers had been taught to employ MRT – Maximal Restraint Technique. His mother also shows training manuals that display pictures of police officers kneeling on a suspect’s shoulder blade in order to restrain them. 

Alex Chueng, another officer who was thrown in prison after being on that scene that day, encouraged people to view the film and let it be a lesson. 

“Prison is a very unique experience, one I never thought I’d see myself in … But it’s very easy to get caught up in a lot of self-wallowing, a lot of whatever thoughts you have in your own head,” Chueng said.

“This isn’t the end and this won’t define me. What’s been done is done and I just hope that at the very least on the future people keep an open mind and not let instances like this happen.”

He added, “Just use my case as an example just use my case an example as to not jump the gun knee jerk, not fall to this race-bait, to the social media, to the media, and let them get away with what they do if things like this keep happening, no one anywhere is going to have any sense of justice left.”

This comes as the Supreme Court revealed on Monday that it would not be hearing an appeal Chauvin filed against his second-degree murder conviction. A reason for the declination was not provided.

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