BREAKING: President Trump demands change at RNC, calls for end of primary debates to focus on beating Democrats

In a Truth Social post made Monday, 2024 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump called for the Republican National Committee to cease primary debates and spend that money to take down Democrats in the fast-approaching election.

Trump noted a Harvard/Harris poll released the same day which found Trump to be 58 points ahead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and ahead of Joe Biden by 6 points.

“RNC must save money on lowest ever ratings debates. Use it against the Democrats to STOP THE STEAL! If not, REVAMP THE RNC, NOW,” Trump added.

The RNC primary debates, of which there have been three so far with a fourth scheduled for December, have consistently been a debate for second place, as Trump has not attended. He instead partook in an interview with Tucker Carlson and has been on the campaign trail, with fellow GOP candidates regularly dozens of points behind him in polls.

During the third debate that took place in early November, candidate Vivek Ramaswamy took aim at the RNC and chair Ronna McDaniel, noting the losses Republicans suffered during the off-year election that took place this month.


“We’ve become a party of losers. At the end of the day there is a cancer of the Republican establishment. Let’s speak the truth. I mean, since Ronna McDaniel took over as chairwoman of the RNC in 2017, we have lost 2018, 2020, 2022. No red wave— that never came. We got trounced last night in 2023. And I think that we have to have accountability in our party.”

“For that matter, Ronna,” he said, speaking directly to her in the audience, “if you want to come on stage tonight, you want to look the GOP voters in the eye and tell them you resign, I will yield my time to you. And frankly, look, the people— they’re cheering for losing in the Republican Party.”

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