BREAKING: Senate Sergeant At Arms In Charge of Security On Jan 6 “Who Called Out Professional Agitators” Is Found DEAD One Day Before Surprise Witness Appears At Witch Hunt Committee Hearing [VIDEO]

71-yr-old former US Marine and US Senate Sergeant at Arms Michael Stenger, who was in charge of security for the Capitol on January 6, and resigned one day later, has been found dead.

Stenger appeared before the Senate Homeland Security Committee in February 2021, where he discussed ‘professional agitators’ who were present at the Capitol on January 6 and said they needed to be investigated.

Rumors are swirling around the cause of Michael Stenger’s death. DC investigative journalist George Webb claims Stenger was shot on the way to his apartment.

Breck Worsham tweeted “Michael Stenger has mysteriously dropped dead after openly criticizing Pelosi”

In February 2021, Stenger appeared before a Senate Committee where he testified about the January 6 events.


There is an opportunity to learn lessons from the events of January 6.

Investigations should be considered as to the funding of traveling of what appears to be professional agitators.

First Amendment rights should always be considered in conjunction with these investigations.

Law enforcement coordination in the National Capitol region should be reviewed to determine what can be done in a more efficient and productive manner.

Intelligence collection, dissemination, training, and the use of force must be consistent


In conclusion, whenever you prepare for a major event we must always consider the possibility of some level of civil disobedience at these events and plan accordingly.

The events of Jan 6 went beyond disobedience, it was a loud coordinated attack with a loss of life that could have been much worse.


Daily Mail reports – Stenger had a history of service to the nation, beginning his career in the military as a captain in the Marines. He later joined the Secret Service, rising through the ranks to third in command.

Stenger was born in New Jersey and lived in Falls Church, Virginia. It is believed that he and his wife Janet have two children.

He took his first job at the Senate in 2011 as Assistant Sergeant at Arms for protective services and continuity, working on protective details.

When a longtime aide to former Democratic leader Harry Reid, Drew Willison, became Sergeant at Arms in 2014, he made Stenger his deputy.

Stenger served as deputy from 2015-18 under Sergeant at Arms
Frank Larkin.

Stenger was appointed by Mitch McConnell when Larkin stepped down.

‘I appreciate Mike stepping up to this critical role,’ said McConnell at the time.

‘He is extremely well-qualified and will continue to serve the Senate and our nation well.’

Stenger ultimately resigned under the criticism that he had failed to respond correctly as the building was overrun.

An unexpected J6 committee hearing was announced Monday, the same day as Stenger’s sudden and shocking death.

So the country braces for another round of kangaroo court as the political desire to destroy Donald Trump, his staff and supporters is on full display, driving the leftist January 6 committee. Which seems to specialize in stringing together obscure facts, some held together with outright lies rather than presenting an accurate look at the events of the day, and those leading up to it, something Stenger openly criticized.

Cassidy Hutchinson, an aide to Mark Meadows, Trump’s chief of staff, is expected to testify on Tuesday before the J6 committee. Meadows was subpoenaed by the January 6 committee but refused to testify.

Mark Meadows

Hutchinson is the first White House employee to publicly testify before the committee.

Reports are saying there was concern for her safety as she voices claims of a tense relationship between Trump and Pence during January of 2021.

Hutchinson said she was part of meetings between House Republicans and Mark Meadow’s  and that there was support for Trump’s effort to overturn the 2020 election.

‘I know that he was on several calls during the rally,’ Hutchinson testified.

‘And I went over to meet with him at one point, and he had just waved me away, which is out of the ordinary.’

The goal of the leftist January 6 committee seems to be stringing together obscure facts, some held together with outright lies. The country braces for another round of kangaroo court as the clear political bent to destroy Donald Trump and his staff and supporters is

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