Brooklyn Lawmaker Switches To Republican Party Over Democrat Crime Policies And ‘Defund The Police’

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A lawmaker from Brooklyn, NY named Alec Brook-Krasny has switched from Democrat to Republican, citing the Democrats’ policies on crime as being too soft.

Crime is swiftly becoming a major losing issue for Democrats. Cities across the country are dealing with rising crime and Democrats seem to be in a hurry to put criminals back on the streets as soon as possible.

This gentleman will get a warm welcome from the GOP.

The New York Post reports:


Brooklyn Democrat Brook-Krasny switches to GOP as he eyes Assembly run

Fed up with his party’s kowtowing to its “progressive” wing with soft-on-crime policies, a former conservative Democratic Brooklyn lawmaker switched his party registration to Republican as he plots a run for his old Assembly seat in the borough’s red-trending southern precincts, The Post has learned.

Alec Brook-Krasny’s switch comes as Democrats flee the party nationally, with 29 House Democrats deciding to retire or not seek re-election instead of fighting against the GOP’s “defund the police” attacks and President Biden’s policies.

“I can’t believe everything that’s going on in the Democratic party, all the calls to ‘defund the police,’ the cancel culture. It goes against my character and my nature,” Brook-Krasny, a former state assemblyman, told The Post.

Brook-Krasny is eying a run for his old Assembly seat in the 46th District, which under redistricting includes Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Bath Beach and Dyker Heights. Mathylde Frontus is the Democratic incumbent.

He recently explained his decision on FOX News.

The Democrats are going to pay dearly for the ‘defund the police’ nonsense they pushed on the country.

Law and order is pretty important to law abiding people.

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