Cars in Biden’s Collection Run on Gasoline, Not Electricity – Including Corvette Kept with Classified Docs in Garage

Despite his insistence that Americans embrace electric vehicles, President Joe Biden treasures his gasoline-powered 1967 Corvette Stingray so much that he stored it next to the documents marked “classified” found at his Delaware home.

Two batches of documents marked “classified” kept by Biden have reportedly been discovered, the second of which Biden says had been kept next to his Corvette in a garage.

Biden admitted at a press conference on Thursday that he had kept documents that bore classification markings next to his Corvette in what he called “a locked garage” at his Delaware home.

The admission prompted the Oil and Gas Association to tweet out a photo and a few facts about Biden’s coveted Corvette – including that it’s not electric:

“This rare 67 Chevy Corvette has a 327 cubic inch, L79 V8 engine rated at 350 horsepower with a 4-speed manual transmission. 0 to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds. Note – it runs on gasoline, not electricity. This one is parked in the POTUS garage next to the boxes marked ‘Classified.’”

What’s more, it seems that all of Pres. Biden’s cars run on gasoline. According to Auto Tech Portal, Biden has five vehicles:



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