CBP Commissioner Christopher Magnus Resigns; Former DHS Official Says He Was Scapegoated

(CNSNews.com) – Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Christopher Magnus resigned on Saturday amid reports that he was forced out.

He told the Los Angeles Times that he initially refused to resign despite a request from DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

“The President has accepted the resignation of Christopher Magnus, the Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. President Biden appreciates Commissioner Magnus’ nearly forty years of service and the contributions he made to police reform during his tenure as police chief in three U.S. cities.  The President thanks Mr. Magnus for his service at CBP and wishes him well,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement on Saturday.

“Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Senate confirmed Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection over the past year. It has been a privilege and honor to be part of your administration. I am submitting my resignation effective immediately but wish you and your administration the very best going forward. Thank you again for this tremendous opportunity,” Magnus said in his letter of resignation addressed to President Biden.

Former DHS Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli told “Fox and Friends” on Monday that Magnus’ resignation was “clearly scapegoating.”


First of all, Magnus was not qualified for this position. He had been a law enforcement officer but of no real significance and they hired him because they want CBP to fail. They want the border patrol to fail just like they want ice to fail at its mission of deporting illegals and what they do to make that happen or fail to make that happen is they tie them up in knots. They hire people who aren’t qualified. 

They rewrite all their procedures to make them far more complicated and then they give this guy a mission anyway of not returning people, and that’s — Mayorkas is a radical open borders advocate. The president, Joe Biden ran on this. 

This is their policy, so when this first happened a few days ago you’ll recall, they gave him the choice to resign or be fired, and He said I’m not resigning, and he may very reasonably have thought, I’m doing exactly is what you hired me to do. I’m opening this border. I’m blowing the doors off the numbers. That’s what you wanted me to do. 

“We all look at this as a failure of policy but this is what they intended, and so now they saw the danger in an election environment, and they are looking for a scapegoat and he is the scapegoat. 

Cuccinelli also found it “shocking” that Biden has never spoken to Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas), who represents the border, about the border.

Perhaps this shouldn’t surprise us, but frankly, I find this a bit shocking. Henry Cuellar is a rare moderate Democrat. He lives on the border. He has been voicing his objection to the open borders policies for a year and a half now, and yet he has never talked to the president of the United States of his own party on this subject. 

It is truly astonishing you. It further demonstrates that Joe Biden really has no actual interest in good border policy. For instance everything we just talked about, about Magnus, about hiring somebody who’s capable and will actually implement a border protection mission.

If they did, they would talk to someone who has lived with it for decades as a congressional leader and has frankly weighed in over the years quite effectively on border policy, but they have no interest in talking to Henry Cuellar, because they have no interest, zero interest in changing their policy course. 


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