Chinese Wake-up Call

A little over a week ago some Montanans looked up and saw something strange in the sky and reported it. This was consistent with Montana’s reputation as the Big Sky state. It was reported to the world by the Billings Gazette and that blew the lid off; it exposed a cesspool of U.S. government incompetence, or chicanery, or both.

The object turned out to be a Chinese surveillance balloon.

A dozen or so are floating around in various parts of the world –  and have been for several years? NORAD, the great detection and warning system buried in Cheyenne Mountain near Colorado Springs, did not know it? Or did they? Suddenly they seem able to detect “objects” and three more were shot down. The story is NORAD found out about this program after the Montanans from one of the intelligence agencies. Why did the intel folks not tell anybody sooner? Chinese surveillance was not tracked or prevented and was kept secret until now? Was this part of Hunter’s pay-offs? “Big Guy” Joe thinks it does not amount to much.

This all confirms we still have the same level of political chicanery and military incompetence demonstrated in the Afghanistan bugout. The real conclusion is when Obama cleaned out politically incorrect field grade officers he left us with people who are now incompetent generals – and, just like the rest of the Biden Administration, this group operates under the admonition

When in Trouble, When in Doubt, 


Run in Circles, Scream and Shout

Balloongate is a wake-up call to the world and dispels delusions about China as a benign member of the world community. China is exposed as a dangerous country with nefarious motives for all to see. This should not be a surprise; they have written books and papers for years on their plans to defeat the United States and gain world domination.

Which brings us to remember an earlier American war in Asia: Korea. In October, 1950, Chinese forces entered the war and committed hundreds of thousands of troops in mass attacks in support of their North Korean pals. They drove U.S. and allied forces back to roughly the current boundary between North and South Korea. They suffered huge casualties but Mao said he could afford them. 

After two and a half years of stalemate, an armistice was agreed by China, North Korea, and the United States which stopped the fighting. It was an armistice, a temporary halt of military hostilities, not a peace agreement. We are still at war with China and have been ever since. 

This seems to be something China understands very well but not the Wizards of Washington, the Leftstream media, or the American public. This worked well for China while it schmoozed the U.S. and the world into complacency with the belief China would mellow into a benign member of the “Liberal International Order” and we could all go off singing Coca-Cola commercials together.

Wrong. China published plans to prosecute that war with non-military means. They remained non-aggressive and benign as they stole Western technology, infiltrated our institutions, businesses, government departments, and schools. They undermined our efficiency, culture, society, and politics. They quietly built strength and ability. Their target date to move more aggressively against the U.S. and the West was 2020. In 2020 we got Covid from Wuhan, belligerence in meetings, and military expansion in the South China Sea. 

Chinese capabilities increased while the U.S. descended into confusion about everything from its own history to gender. One must wonder how much of the leftist woke agenda, racial confrontation, and education destruction is caused by Chinese subversion. If one side knows they are at war and prosecutes it and the other side sits around with their thumbs up their asses humming happy tunes in the sunshine wondering what gender they are, guess who wins.  

Now we have surveillance balloons in our airspace and we cannot trust our government.

Balloongate happened just as Janet Yellen returned from Switzerland and Africa where she went to “smooth relations” with China, and Secretary of State Blinken was about to go to Beijing for the same purpose. China is not interested. China wants to run the world. 

Balloongate may be enough to expose the fallacy of a policy of “reaching out and discussing our differences” with the Chinese. If so, the world will pull back from China much as it has from Russia. Even Europe is beginning to realize the world is not the kind and gentle place they imagined. 

Russia and China agreed to “no limits” support for one another at their Beijing meeting. Russia is becoming more and more isolated from world trade, political, economic, and financial intercourse. If China also becomes more isolated, we can expect Russia and China will grow more co-dependent.

Russia is one of the world’s three largest oil producers and needs new markets. China is the largest oil importer and needs more supply. A friend noted oil prices are now more dependent on changes of China’s demand as the world’s swing consumer than on actions by OPEC producers. Russia and China have prominent roles in gas markets as well. As they become co-dependent they will have less influence in international energy markets. Neither is dedicated to Energy Transition away from fossil-fuels. Fossil fuel protestors do not rant at government agencies, block traffic, or sabotage energy infrastructure in Russia or China.

U.S. and European dedication to Energy Transition is waning as costs and constraints increase. Russia and China, along with about 80% of the world’s population, do not follow anti-fossil-fuel policies. The great Energy Transition to non-fossil energy is reaching a limit point.    


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