Christianity vs. the ‘Religion of Naturalism’

   My Faith Votes sat down with Ken Ham to discuss misconceptions surrounding the Christian faith. Ken Ham is the founder of the Creation Museum, the Ark Encounter and Answers in Genesis, an apologetics organization.

   But Ham clearly articulates they don’t apologize for their faith. It’s quite the opposite. They equip people to defend the Christian faith against the secular attacks of our day.

   According to Ham, God’s word has come under incredible attack, especially in schools where naturalism, the worldview of atheism, seeks to replace God as Creator. As a result, many younger generations walk out of the church because they think they can’t trust the Bible.

   Ham knows firsthand that the key battle is fought between trust in God’s Word and man’s— a centuries-old conflict. He believes the current cultural opposition to God’s creative authority began in the 1800s with the introduction of what he calls the “religion of naturalism,” which seeks to explain everything by natural processes and rejects the supernatural.

   Adopting this theory in the church leads to schools of thought that embrace the Gap Theory, which inserts a long time between the narratives of Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, and the idea that God used evolution in His creation process.


   Ham’s concern is that schools teach children to reject the Genesis story while adhering to the morals of Christ. But this begs the question, “If one part of the Bible is not true, how can the rest be true? And if this is just mythology and what I’ve learned in school is a fact, then the Bible just can’t be true.”

   This thinking has devastating consequences in every sector because it removes the firm biblical foundation for much Christian doctrine, including sin, death, life, marriage, gender and more.

   Ham warned, “If there is no God who decides right and wrong, our feelings determine morality and truth. What we’re seeing is an exodus from the Church of the younger generations, and we’re seeing increasing moral relativism permeating the culture.”

   Reinterpretation of Genesis naturally provides license to reinterpret the rest of Scripture, reinforcing the cultural obsession with deconstruction.

   “The problem is, most people don’t understand worldview. It’s like a pair of glasses you put on that determines how you view things,” said Ham. “Your worldview will either be founded on God’s Word or man’s. When you have a truly Christian worldview, you build the right way of thinking. Then when it comes to voting in elections, for instance, you use that worldview to judge and vote accordingly.”

   Ken Ham sees the polarization of politics on issues such as marriage, gender, racism and more as a symptom of a single problem: worldview confusion. He says the solution has always been the Word of God. Building a worldview on the Bible allows biblical principles to influence every aspect of your life, including your vote. Difficult decisions become simple when your foundation is strong.

   Ken Ham believes implementing the solution is two-fold: Teach apologetics and don’t be discouraged.

   “Start with your own family and raise up your kids to have the right foundation, to know what you believe and why,” said Ham. “Equipped with answers to defend the Christian faith, do the business of the King until he returns. Be faithful to do what you can, and go out and impact others in the same way. If all Christians start to do little by little, it’s amazing the difference we could make.”

   Little by little, put your faith into action. Don’t be content to sit on the sidelines. Do what you can to be salt and light, and watch the world change before your eyes.

   Watch the entire conversation with Ham here.


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