Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital Refuses Father to Son Kidney Transplant Over Jab Status

The Ohio Hospital refuses to perform the transplant that they agreed to before the pandemic over current COVID jab policies

Despite the pandemic being on the downswing, according to all sane people, COVID hysteria is still very alive and well. Lives are being ruined by the hysteria and control fetish that government authorities, schools, and hospitals exhibit with blatant disregard for how it impacts ordinary, rational people.

One such example comes out of the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital in Ohio, which agreed to do a life-saving kidney transplant from father to son in 2018, but is now refusing the same procedure. Although the father, Dane Donaldson, is a perfect match for his son Tanner (9,) his status as second class unvaccinated has been used by the hospital to discriminate against him and his family.

The Donaldson Family, Including Dane and Tanner

From the Daily Mail:

Dane Donaldson was found to be a perfect match for his son Tanner back in early 2018 by the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital before the outbreak of the pandemic.

The family decided to wait a little longer before having Tanner undergo the transplant since transplanted kidneys from a live donor only lasted about 20 years.

Then COVID-19 hit and put a freeze on the procedure.

Now the hospital is refusing to perform the life-saving father-to-son kidney transplant it agreed to do nearly four years ago over the senior Donaldson’s unvaccinated status.

The Clinic cites a 2021 policy requiring donors and candidates for organ transplants to be “fully vaccinated” against the virus.

Dane Donaldson, however, has refused the vaccine both for religious reasons and due to the large number of people he has seen get critically ill after receiving the jab.

That a hospital is refusing a live transplant, which offers the best chances and quality of life to a candidate, over vaccination status, and in the process is disallowing a father from once again giving the gift of life to his son shows how heartless the system is. Beyond that, it shows that COVID measures are about nothing more than control, not saving lives.


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