Close Friend Of Hillary Clinton Says Drugging And Raping Young Men Is Just A ‘Kink’ And He Shouldn’t Be ‘Shamed’ For It

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Democrat megadonor Ed Buck’s defense counsel wants his convictions for supplying the narcotics that killed two men in his West Hollywood apartment reversed.

Ed Buck, a close friend of the Clintons and Adam Schiff, has told his lawyers that the government “kink-shamed” him by directing the jury to his bizarre “sexual obsessions,” which included giving methamphetamine to young black male escorts.

Yes, you read that right. The Democratic megadonor claims that drugging and rapping young men is just a “kink,” and that he shouldn’t be held accountable for their deaths.

According to records obtained Friday by City News Service, Buck, who was convicted in July of nine crimes involving the deaths of multiple male prostitutes during a drug-fueled orgy, was “kink-shamed” in an attempt to disguise the lack of facts supporting the allegations.


Buck was convicted not on the prosecution’s drug distribution evidence, but on “extremely prejudicial and irrelevant character evidence, which included a concerted effort to kink-shame Mr. Buck by presenting graphic images and videos of his sexual fetishes,” defense attorney Mark J. Werksman wrote in papers filed Thursday.

The impact was “so damaging that on day four of the nine-day trial, it prompted the Court to suggest


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  1. forget shaming him- execute him! what he did was the same as kidnapping and torture- which are FEDERAL CRIMES investigated by the FBI. not only that, these could be considered HATE CRIMES- also federal felonies. so much for KINK!!! death penalty for kidnapping and torure hate crimes!!!

  2. white guy murders multiple black men and claims it is merely kink??!!?!? murder? now exactly where is the BLM outrage?!?!?! sound of crickets… can you say HATE CRIME? i knew you could.

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