CNN Anchor Asks Former Pro Football Player, 'Is It Worth It?'

( – The National Football League postponed Monday night’s Bills-Bengals game after a 24-year-old Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin took a hit to the chest and collapsed on the field after making a tackle.

As medics performed CPR, Bills and Bengals players were seen praying and crying on the field.

The Bills said Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest and is now in critical condition. The NFL announced the suspension of the game with about six minutes remaining in the first half.

On Monday morning, some were questioning the game itself:

“I think that’s a question that every parent has this morning, is it worth it?” CNN anchor Poppy Harlow asked. “I know it’s not a popular question to ask. But — how do you wrestle with that?” she asked former pro football player Coy Wire, who is now a CNN sports anchor and reporter.


“It’s actually THE question to ask. It’s not popular, but it’s THE question, Poppy, to ask,” CNN’s Don Lemon interjected. “Coy, go ahead, please, go. The question.” 

Coy Wire played football at Stanford, going on to play six seasons with the Buffalo Bills (2002-2007) and then three years for the Atlanta Falcons.

He said football may be “dangerous,” but it’s a “dream” for many children — and “a career path that has been chosen” by adults:

“Yeah, look, I think we have to remember that although it is a game that we play, this is a career path that has been chosen, sometimes in situations when the time you’re a child it’s your dream, it’s your hope. 

“You go to college and you study something, but you’re getting there to get your degree in football, because you want to be a professional athlete. And they’ve dedicated their lives to this, and we understand the risks and consequences, especially now today more than ever. 

“And — but we take very seriously how dangerous it is. It’s not many places at work that you go to, Don and Poppy, where before you go out there to perform or execute your job for the day that you all huddle around, get down on a knee and say the Lord’s Prayer. That is commonplace in the NFL. 

“We understand that you cannot take any play for granted. That every play, you’re putting your life at risk.

“And this is just, reminding us how precious life is. So poppy, hug that son a little tighter tonight. Right? When you get home. And we all just remember that, how dangerous this sport is, and we should be grateful for the players who go out there and perform for us.”


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