CNN’s Brian Stelter Can’t Give Honest Answer To College Student Questioning Network’s Lies (VIDEO)

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Brian Stelter of CNN was part of a recent conference panel on disinformation, if you can believe it.

The audience was made up largely of college students. One of them asked how CNN can accuse anyone of disinformation when they have gotten major stories wrong and pushed disinformation about Russiagate, Nick Sandmann and other major stories.

Brian Stelter responded by saying it was time for lunch. Then he offered a complete non-answer, saying that this line of questioning was part of a right wing narrative about CNN.

Townhall reports:


CNN’s Brian Stelter Just Got Destroyed…By a College Freshman

Lord have mercy. This Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy summit at the University of Chicago’s Institute for Politics has unearthed some gold regarding the liberal media news complex and how they’re a massive problem…to the very theme of the conference.

The Atlantic’s Anne Applebaum pretty much exposed why the media is so distrusted when she admitted why she buried the Hunter Biden story. She said she didn’t find it interesting. That’s the only thing these folks can say now since that laptop belonging to Joe Biden’s crack-addicted and miserable trainwreck of a son has been authenticated by the liberal press…

It got worse today because CNN’s Brian Stelter was subjected to a lashing, and it was inflicted upon him by a college freshman who went line-by-line all the fake news stories CNN has peddled since 2016. He named the Russian collusion hoax, the fake rape allegations lobbed at Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the hate crime hoax executed by Jussie Smollett, the Nick Sandmann fiasco, and of course, the Hunter Biden laptop. Newsbusters’ Nicholas Fondacaro clipped the exchange:

Watch the video below:

The student later appeared on the Tucker Carlson show:

When it comes to disinformation, CNN is authority. They push it constantly.

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