CNN’s Chief Covid Pundit Does a Full 180 on School Masks & Mandates: ‘We Should Be Able to Relax All Restrictions’


The Science has not changed. It has never changed. But what has changed is the ability of Covid fearmongers and political partisans to continue lying to the American people.

As numerous blue states go into full retreat on school masking and related Covid policies ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, CNN has sent out the signal that it is time for other ‘progressives’ to change their ‘political science.’

Dr. Leana Wen, who has rightly confessed in the past that cloth masks are nothing more than “facial decoration,” now admits that school masking may do more harm than good. You think?

“There was a time and is a place for pandemic restrictions,” Dr. Wen claimed. “But when they were put in, it was always with the understanding that they would be removed as soon as we can.”

“And in this case, circumstances have changed,” she continued. “Case counts are declining. Also, the science has changed. We know that vaccines protect very well against Omicron, which is the dominant variant, everyone five and older have widespread access to vaccines.”


This is a blatant lie. The vaccines, including the booster shots, fade very quickly in terms of providing protection to Omicron. This is why many big pharmaceutical companies wanted to develop an mRNA shot specifically for Omicron. Israel has run through four shots already, and it is still seeing a case and hospitalization explosion. What is really causing a decrease, similar to the case in South Africa where Omicron cases vaporized on their own, is that approximately 4 out of 5 Americans have natural immunity from prior infection.

“And we also know about one-way masking, the idea that even if other people around you are not wearing masks, if you wear a high-quality mask that also protects you the wearer too,” she claimed with no basis in scientific reality.

“So in this case, I’m not saying… and I don’t think really anyone is saying that [note: I am] that no one should ever wear masks, but rather that the responsibility should shift from a government mandate imposed from the state or the local district or the school rather it should shift to an individual responsibility by the family who can still decide that  their child can wear a mask if needed,” she said.

Remarkably, Dr. Wen also said that states should stop looking at Covid ‘case’ counts.

“You know, take New Jersey, for instance, their new case average is just over 4,000,” the CNN host asked. “Is that an acceptable number to do this…?”

“I don’t think we should be looking at case counts at all at this point, especially when we’re dealing with a milder variant and when so many people were exposed to Omicron and therefore have at least some level of protection, either through vaccination or immunity,” she said.

Note: Dr. Wen couldn’t even bring herself to say “natural immunity,” which completely and utterly destroys the Covid fearmongering narratives that CNN and other mainstream media networks have been perpetuating all along.

“The key number that we should be looking at is hospitalizations,” Dr. Wen said. “If our ICUs and hospitals in that particular region are not overwhelmed. If they’re not over capacity, we can set a number, for example, 75% or 80% full, then we should be able to relax all restrictions.”

“And I actually believe that we should be starting to with the first restriction removed should actually be the restriction on children,” she added. “Because while for adults, you could say, well, what’s the harm of adults masking when they go into a grocery store? There actually is a harm that we should be discussing of children continuing to mask.”

This is quite mind-blowing to hear a CNN Covid pundit admit two years into a pandemic. It should have been the first thought that occurred to any empathetic and thinking adult when they first heard of the masking policies.

“That doesn’t mean that masking doesn’t have its place for children,” she added, wrongly. “When there are very high rates of hospitalization. If we get a new variant in the future that children are particularly susceptible to, we may want to bring masks back, but we should also be intellectually honest and say that masking has had a cost, especially for the youngest learners in people with English as a second language, children with learning disabilities, there has been a cost to the them. So the risk benefit calculation has really changed.”

We should be “intellectually honest,” Dr. Wen. Always and from the very beginning, and not just when it’s politically expedient.

Even when doing “truth-telling,” there are still numerous provable lies in this segment. It is CNN, after all. But the science has not changed, and the truth never changes. But the political winds have shifted and the mainstream media are in full retreat.

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