Comer: 'My Message to the White House Is, This Isn't Going Away'

( – Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, frequently appears on live television at all hours of the day and night, sending a stern message to the Biden White House.

In a live appearance on Fox News shortly after 4 a.m. this Wednesday morning, Comer accused President Biden of “lying” to the American people when Biden told a reporter last week it’s “not true” that members of his family received more than a million dollars in an influence-peddling scheme:

“It’s rich that the president just stood there and lied to the American people,” Comer told “Fox & Friends First.”

“It’s also rich that the mainstream media hasn’t called him out on it. I mean, where are the fact-checkers?

“They’ve gone for years now saying that this is Russian disinformation, that the Bidens weren’t involved in influence peddling. Then when the laptop surfaced, obviously, they said that wasn’t real, that had been compromised.

“Well, now I have subpoenaed bank records to prove that the family took over $1 million from a Chinese Communist Party-backed energy company for no apparent reason, and he’s still denying it, he’s still lying about it!

“So yes, we expect an apology from Joe Biden. We’re disappointed but not shocked that the mainstream media has turned a blind eye to this. But my message to the White House is, this isn’t going away. There are other bank records. There are other potential business quote-unquote “deals” that your family has made with China and other adversarial countries around the world.

“We’re going to get the truth out. And there’s going to come a point to where eventually, the mainstream media is not going to be able to let him stand up there and lie to the American people about the fact that his family has taken millions and millions of dollars from our adversary.”

Comer said he has one set of bank records from a Hunter Biden business associate in hand, and he’s “very hopeful” that he’ll get additional bank records from other people in the Biden orbit “within the next week.”

“This is a step-by-step process. I’ve been very transparent with the American people about what the purpose of this investigation is. The purpose is to try to determine whether or not this White House is compromised because of the millions and millions of dollars this family’s taken from adversaries around the world.

“We knew this based on whistle-blowers. We knew this based on text messages and emails. Now we know this based on bank records. So we got our first set of bank records — now that led to the second set of bank records that I hope to getting in hand within the next few days. That second set will lead to the third set.

“And in the meantime, we were able to prove without a shadow of a doubt to the Treasury Cabinet that, look, we need those bank violations because obviously, this family has taken over $1 million from a Chinese Communist-backed energy company for no apparent reason.”

Comer is now awaiting suspicious activity reports, which he calls “bank violations,” from the Treasury Department, and he said it looks like there are “a lot more than 150, which had previously been reported.”


“And we’re going to continue to follow the money and try to get the American people the proof they deserve about this family occupying the White House.”

Comer says he believes that at least six or seven Biden family members were “actively participating” in the alleged influence-peddling scheme fronted by Joe Biden’s son Hunter.


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