Comer on Biden Case: We Want Bank Records, Suspicious Activity Reports, Tax Records

( – House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer said he’ll follow the Biden family money trail as part of the investigation into classified documents found at Joe Biden’s Wilmington home where Hunter Biden lived for a few years.

As The Washington Free Beacon reported: “According to government documents stored on his personal computer, Hunter Biden lived in 2018 and 2019 at the Wilmington, Del., home where his father had classified materials stored in the garage. It is unclear precisely when the documents were put in the garage or when Hunter Biden began living at the residence, but in May 2018 the president’s scandal-plagued son was issued a Delaware driver’s license listing his father’s home as his primary residence.”

Other reports say Hunter Biden paid almost $50,000 a month to live at his father’s house.

“That doesn’t make sense,” Rep. Comer told Fox News’s Sean Hannity Tuesday night: He was commenting on reports of the exorbitant rent.

“We’re looking into that. That’s one reason we’ve requested bank documents, bank records. We’re looking into the Suspicious Activity Reports. We’re going to be looking at tax records just like the House ways and means committee did on the former President Trump. 

“We’re going to continue to look into this and all other areas of revenue from Joe Biden and from the Biden family. 

“Look, you said it great in your monologue, Sean, that this family’s been involved in influence peddling for a decade. And they received millions of dollars from anonymous sources in China. That’s very concerning. We know that for a fact. 

“Now the question is, how much of that trickled down to Joe Biden? And That’s a major part of our investigation. 

“Once we get these bank records and bank documents, we’ll start holding our public hearings. And I think the American people will learn a lot about what influence peddling is and how much involved Joe Biden was with the family influence peddling schemes.”

Comer said his committee also is looking into Hunter Biden’s connection to a Chinese spy named Jackie Bao, who worked for the Chinese Communist Party before moving back to the United States, where — “lo and behold, she started working for Hunter Biden,” Comer said.


This past October, Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson shared with the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office 220 financial records they obtained as part of their investigation into the Biden family’s “foreign business entanglements,” as they described it.

“Today, in light of your and DOJ’s failure to respond to our legitimate congressional oversight requests and as part of our ongoing congressional investigation, we are transmitting to you over two hundred pages of records relating to the Biden family’s connections to the Chinese regime and persons connected to its military and intelligence elements,” Grassley and Johnson wrote in a letter to U.S. Attorney David Weiss.

“If you are conducting a full and complete investigation, you should already possess these records. In the case that you are not and do not possess these records, we suggest that you review them in detail,” their letter continued.

The letter was accompanied by 220 pages of bank records and contracts obtained by the senators. Their letter summarized key elements of the Biden family’s engagements with individuals linked to the Chinese communist party and Chinese intelligence services, and the financial transactions that followed.


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