Communist Canada: Seize Children and Pets of Protesters, Arrest Organizers, Put Up Fences

Communist Canada has gone to unbelievable levels to destroy the Freedom Convoy: they’ve arrested two organizers, and plan to seize children and pets. They’ve also erected fences in a quadrant through Ottawa’s downtown area and around government buildings. Please note that no one has broken any windows, no one burned down any buildings. There have been a few snowball fights, some hockey games, and a bit of dancing. But if they wanted the truckers to turn violent, seizing their children and pets could do it.

The two organizers of the protest have been arrested: Chris Barber and Tamara Lich. Have they incited a riot or burned any buildings? No. Their beloved nation is now Communist Canada.

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Seizing children and pets? Doesn’t sound like “ensuring safety” to us. Sounds like Communist Canada.

The Children’s Aid Society is comparable to Child Protective Services in the US. Touch my kid or my dog and there will be hell to pay. While the trucker’s protest has been peaceful to date, it may not stay that way if Trudeau’s henchmen keep this up.


That statement “relinquished”, by the way, means the animal will be euthanized if “arrangements aren’t made.” These are the actions of Communist Canada with a dictator in charge…Justin Trudeau.

The Fence to cut off access

Trudeau promised that he wasn’t suspending “fundamental” rights in his speech to Parliament over the invoking of the Emergency powers. He lied (again, no surprise there). In a tactic from the Democrats’ Jan 6 playbook, they have erected fencing around a quadrant of downtown Ottawa and set up approximately 100 checkpoints. And yes, you will have to how “proof” of your “lawful entry.”

In other words, there is a list of criteria for your ability to enter the “secured area” and if you don’t meet that list, you don’t get to enter. Communist Canada at work. The list includes, according to CTV News:

“– Reside, work or are moving through that area for reasons other than to participate in or facilitate the assembly;
– Are acting with the permission of a peace officer or the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness;
– Are a peace officer; or
– Are an employee or agent of the government of Canada or a province who is acting in the execution of their duties.”

So as the Freedom Convoy continues the attempt to “hold the line,” with those vicious snowball fights, hockey games, and dancing in the streets, Communist Canada and their dictator are working to undermine the entire protest. The problem is that pussy dictator Trudeau and his Communist henchmen will eventually lose this battle. The people of Canada are tougher than he thinks they are. They are on the side of freedom – and in spite of the left’s desire to quelch that word, it still exemplifies what is good and right. And THAT is the “right side of history.”


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  1. One time about twelve years ago my then-brother-in-law (my ex-brother-in-law now) was complaining to me about some sort of political stupidity that was going on at the time (no doubt something having to do with Obama because he hated him), and my reply was that the world is being run by crazy people. He gave me this deer-in-the-headlights look, and even though he didn’t say so, he dismissed me as being ‘A Tinfoil Hat-Wearing Conspiracy Theorist.’ That was twelve years ago. I haven’t talked to him in almost six years, but I wonder what he thinks about it now.

    1. Good thing there weren’t horses killed, they would be taken to Quebec and served as ‘road-kill stew’.

  2. Pets belong at home, children belong at home doing online schooling, protestors go home after their public protest and take up the cause online.
    Any questions???

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