Conservatives on Trump Indictment: ‘A Rigged Prosecution to Rig an Election’

( – Following the indictment of former President Donald Trump for paperwork he filed to allegedly hide a crime that has not even been named, conservatives and Republicans strongly denounced the legal chicanery, calling it a “rigged prosecution to rig an election.”

In an Apr. 4 statement, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said, “What a sad day for America. And what a blow to the rule of law and our republican form of government. Today, President Trump and the American people were abused and victimized by New York Democrat politician Alvin Bragg, who abused his office to try to jail a man he must know to be innocent.”

“This is an indictment about nothing based on non-crimes and politics,” said Fitton.  It is a rigged prosecution to rig an election. The courts must end this malicious prosecution before the nation is irreparably damaged.”

He added, “Congress must immediately investigate Bragg’s election interference and his political attack on Trump’s civil rights. Judicial Watch has already launched a series of Freedom of Information Act inquiries into this unprecedented attack on the American way.”

On Twitter, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.)  wrote, “Alvin Bragg is attempting to interfere in our democratic process by invoking federal law to bring politicized charges against President Trump, admittedly using federal funds, while at the same time arguing that the peoples’ representatives in Congress lack jurisdiction to investigate this farce. Not so. Bragg’s weaponization of the federal justice process will be held accountable by Congress.”


Conservative author and film-maker Dinesh D’Souza tweeted, “At this point the full face of the Left shows itself. These people are virtual monsters! They seek nothing less than to destroy our lives. We must resolve, with equal determination, to ruin theirs. It’s a new country now. #Trumparraignment.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) wrote, “The arrest and arraignment of former President Donald Trump by a left-wing Soros prosecutor today is making a mockery of the rule of law. Not only is the indictment frivolous, this political persecution marks a dark day for our country.”

“I’m saddened for our Constitutional Republic and the rule of law,” tweeted Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). “An overzealous, super liberal local prosecutor has filed drummed up charges against a former President, in a clear case of political prosecution.”

Matt Taibbi, who is not a conservative but seems to be a fair and factual reporter, tweeted, “You have to squint and hang upside down for hours to make this case look like ‘the law.’ In other jurisdictions he’s [Trump] at least facing something closer to actual legal offenses. But this is a joke. And you don’t have to be a Trump supporter to see it.”

Author and talk-radio host Glenn Beck said, “The bill of rights is gone. Nobody is paying attention…Donald Trump is not even a person anymore. He’s a symbol. He’s a symbol of the average everyday guy that keeps getting screwed every single time.” 

In several tweets, House Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), a member of the Freedom Caucus, said, “The indictment wouldn’t happen if President Trump didn’t run for office. … Rioters and looters burned Portland and New York City. There was virtually zero accountability. President Trump does nothing wrong, but gets indicted. … First, they spied on his campaign. Then, they raided his home. Now, they indicted him on campaign violations, when he didn’t even spend campaign funds!”

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell tweeted,  “This sham indictment by a Soros-DA is political persecution, pure and simple. Where are the Biden and Clinton family indictments?”

Andrew McCarthy, author, editor, and former assistant U.S. attorney, wrote in the New York Post that the indictment against Trump is “utterly incoherent,” it is “worse than a partisan hatchet job. It’s idiotic.” 

In several tweets, TPUSA Founder Charlie Kirk wrote, “If Donald Trump broke the law, why didn’t they mention what law he broke in the indictment? … Disbar Alvin Bragg.”

Former Attorney General William P. Barr said, “The [indictment] doesn’t have a lot of surprises, except they never really specify what the crime was that was being concealed. It’s very repetitive. It’s what we refer to as stacking. Every document is cited as a felony…it doesn’t get into the theory of the case.”

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) tweeted, “The alleged fraud is bootstrapped onto an unspecified, underlying crime. If this were a civil complaint, it would be dismissed for failure to plead fraud with particularity. An indictment charging fraud should be at least as thorough as a civil complaint must be. This one isn’t.”


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