Counterintelligence Expert Says Foreign Entities 'Regularly' Spy on U.S. Officials Through Their Relatives

( – William Evanina, a counterintelligence expert who once worked for the FBI, the CIA and the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, told a House Homeland Security subcommittee on Thursday that foreign actors try to “compromise and corrupt” U.S. government officials “quite regularly,” and “it always starts with family members’ utilization of mobile telephones.”

Rep. Eli Crane (R-Ariz.), a former Navy Seal, asked Evanina a series of simple questions, leading Evanina to (almost) concede that foreign actors potentially penetrated Joe Biden through his son Hunter.

“Am I correct that you are an expert in counterintelligence, right?” Rep. Crane asked Evanina.

“Yes, Sir,” Evanina agreeed.

Crane asked Evanina for a “broad” explanation of what a “lead capture” is and for examples of how it’s done.


Evanina described lead capture as “an affirmative effort to capture telecommunications” and other information — espionage, in other words.

“Well, first of all, I would say a lot of it’s done with authorities that are granted to both NSA and the FBI overseas, Section 702, our abilities to capture telecommunications conversations through foreign adversaries, both the foreign-born but also overseas, that gives us leads — intentions of nefarious activities, both terrorism and counterintelligence and espionage of those actors overseas that are…riding on commercial capabilities that are around the world.

“And that capability allows the us to be able to pre-identify and do threat warning through actors here in the U.S., both from a systems, data and people perspective,” Evanina said.

“Would you say it’s accurate that foreign states and actors often try to compromise and corrupt leaders and officials in our own government? Would you say that’s a form of lead capture?” Rep. Crane asked him.

“I would. And it’s done quite regularly, for decades,” Evanina said.

“Would you say that it’s often true that family members are often used in these types of efforts to corrupt foreign leaders, officials?” Crane asked.

“Congressman, for the last, past decade, I’ve spent my time in three different organizations, advising, informing Americans, members of Congress, about the threat to them as a person, and it always starts with family members’ utilization of mobile telephones,” Evanina said.

“Sir, are you also aware of some of the reported business dealings of Hunter Biden with individuals linked to the Chinese Communist Party?” Crane asked.

“Only what I’ve seen in public reporting, Sir,” Evanina answered.

“What did you think of the reporting that you read, Sir?” Crane asked.

“I’m not sure I could actually opine on what I’ve read in public reporting,” Evanina answered, “but I could say that the TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures) of which foreign entities are utilized against Americans and family members is tried and true, and very predictable and reportable.”

Crane asked him, “Did you find the reports, whether you believed them or not — did you find those reports concerning? Just with all of your knowledge in this space and how you’ve seen this type of thing play out in the past?”

“Yes, sir, I think when you look at what’s been reported publicly about the potential tactics and techniques that were displayed publicly about the potential for penetration to a family member of the United States president, is something that most intelligence services try to do regularly.”


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