Crayola Controversy: Crayon Co. Posts Pictures, Praise of Transgender Man Wearing a Chain-Link Bra, High-Heeled Boots

Crayola, the iconic crayon company, is facing backlash from parents over its post promoting transgenderism to little kids who just want to color.

The company posted images of, and praise for, a transgender man on its Facebook page over the weekend, The Gateway Pundit reports:

“Attention school shoppers, there is another brand you may want to avoid while getting supplies for your kids this fall.

“On Saturday, Crayola posted images of what appears to be a man in a wheelchair wearing a chain-link bra over his clothing to virtue signal about diversity.”

Crayola’s post, which appears to have since been deleted, described Julian Gavino as “a fashion model, writer, and activist who identifies as a transgender man” and uses the pronouns “he/him.”

“As someone who grew up not seeing anyone who looked like him in the media, Julian is determined to normalize disabled and trans bodies in the fashion world,” Crayola wrote. “Crayola celebrates Julian and everyone like him for their passion and creativity.”

But, it turns out that not all parents want the crayon company inflicting gender ideology on their children, especially since Crayola’s target market is kids as young as two years old.


“The only color parents are seeing is red after crayon giant Crayola posted images of a disabled transgender model who it lauded as a cultural pioneer,” The Daily Wire reports, quoting social media posts by outraged parents vowing to boycott the crayon company.

“Soon after the post was exposed, the hashtag #BoycottCrayola took off,” The Blaze notes.

See archive of Crayola’s post.


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